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The Outlaws

The Outlaws is a 2021 British Dark Comedy series about seven people brought together in Bristol to complete community service orders in a brilliantly funny story about the hardships of life and betrayal from both sides of the fence,

From Lady Abigale an aristocrats Daughter who loves the attention she gets from her 1.2 Million Instagram followers, to a lawyer caught soliciting a prostitute, a struggling businessman that assaulted a burglar. an activist, a teen shoplifter, a funny old man that never seems to put anybody but himself first and a struggling black kid trying to survive in a gangland invested town.

Each episode takes us down the rabbit hole of each individuals shady past and reasons for them ending up in Community Payback, The Bristol branch of the community service and probation services in Wales




The story is not quite what I was expecting, I have to be honest at first I was expecting another generic clone of the In Betweeners, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

Seeing Christopher Walking as one of the lead characters was probably the selling point for me, but as the story unfolded I found myself enjoying each characters storyline immensely on their own merits and felt they each brought a little something to their scenes.



In Episode one we are introduced to the cast and their punishments without knowing to much about their characters or what landed them in community service, but as the story unfolds in the preceding episodes we find ourselves seeing the real story behind each characters endearing qualities.

Then we are taking down a dark comedic storyline, were the young black kid is forced to commit a crime to free his young sister from the clutches of a local gang controlled by a ruthless criminal figure only known as the Dean.

In doing so he also steals something that is not his to take, hides it in the centre they are working in during their community service only to be stolen by fellow community service employees.

I will not divulge too much of the story because I hate spoilers and feel it is best to allow people to get an understanding without ruining the story for them.

The serious was aired on the BBC, I am not sure if it can be found on Netflix, Amazon or any other platform, so if anyone has that information I would appreciate you sharing that in the comments. But it can be viewed using the BBC iplayer from the app store.


Further Reading
Further indebt reading along with a full brake down of the plots and twists, cast line up and basically everyone involved, this can be found on Wikipedia Here








The original soundtrack consists of tracks from some well known bands and artists such as Ellie Goulding, One Direction as well as The Pussy Cats Dolls, Spandau Ballet and ABBA to mention a few

A complete breakdown of the tracks can be found on Entertainment Daily




Seven strangers from different walks of life are forced together to complete a community service.

The Outlaws Synopsis was taken from Presearch:

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The Outlaws has a very strong cast that includes Christopher Walking and Stephen Merchant which was my main reason for watching, however once the story began to unfold, I felt each of the cast members held their own quite well.


The narrative and dialogue is done in a convincing and at times humorous manner which had me enjoying the odd chuckle and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the series.

Its funny, it's fresh and a clone of the In Betweeners it certainly is not, there are some quirky moments but all in all it is definitely something I would be happy to recommend.



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