Has Technology exceeded life as we know it?

Over the past 25 years we have watched as mobile phones, the internet and technological advances have driven our industries, manufacturing and now enterprises.

Within the next 10 years these advances are going to explode, we will each have access to our own android AI robotics systems that will each complete a host of daily chores on their owners behalf.

Each AI will be as cheap to own and as common as a mobile phone is Today.

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This will include accessing our vocal, visual, biometric and data banks, including Google, Seri, governmental identification databases, websites, emails, contact information, banking and medical records.

And will however provide these AI robotic systems the complete access to use our online Identity and the data to complete our daily tasks including housekeeping, personal security, sporting activities, financial obligations and even military defense.

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At what point as human beings do we sit up and take notice and start to use these advances in a cautious manner.

Do not mistake my caution for bias, as I am all for any technologies that advances our future and as much as I love the idea of AI, I must also encourage restraint and honest discussion for the future of our species.

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Do we really need AI to complete our daily tasks or are we as humans becoming increasingly lazy to the point that we will put our own and the future of humanity at risk for a quick buck.

These are questions that must be asked as we find ourselves moving into a future that will in no doubt challenge our very existence and their are many people that champion these technologies without fully understanding or questioning these methods as long as they earn a few more tokens, coins or US dollars.

In saying that, it is nice to earn some extra tokens or crypto currency for our work, but we also need to understand the responsibilities of our actions.

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Is it in fact a good thing to openenly accept these technologies without question as long as it looks like we are all intelligent, knowlegdable and experienced, In my honest opinion "NO", it is not.

It is a normal human reaction to believe that all technology may be designed to aid humanity, but unfortunately this isin't always the case.

A good example of this is main stream social media, the initial plan was to create better communication platforms for everyone around the world, but this quickly became a monetary system that abused privacy and sold personal data.

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I want so much to believe in the possibilities and advances we see on a daily basis, but watching from the sidelines can be dawnting as some may have been compromised and that can in fact be a terrifying prospect.

We all need re-assurance that our privacy is protected and technology is no exception, if a platform cannot provide this assurance, then I will be happy to move on to a platform that will respect my wishes whether it is a blockchain crypto earning platform or not.

But lets get back to the main topic, the advances we are currently seeing and the possibilities available to each and every person.

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In ten years time, it is certainly possible that any person suffering from organ failure and needing a transplant may be supported and treated by the current medical advances that we are seeing Today, but there are genuine questions by many, such as? what if only those that hold considerable wealth can access these technological advances?.

That is certainly possible, But I honestly believe that in the future these advances will become more acceptable to normal everyday people and that those that currently find themselves in wealthy positions Today will inevitably find themselves excluded from future community discussions amongst the masses because of past decisions.

Whether that be because of technology or finance it boils down to technology but one thing we can all agree on is the fact that technology is here to stay so we better all get used to it and make sure to use it to our advantages, otherwise the terminator may be a little more than just Science-Fiction

But Don't worry "I WILL BE BACK",.

I would love to here other peoples opinions on the possibilities on AI and other technologies that we can expect to see over the next ten years, please share your opinions in the comments and help further engagement.

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