First Comprehensive Monthly BCH and Crypto Earnings March 2021 Part 1

Today I have calculated my entire monthly earnings for the month of march 2021, I will share a breakdown in spreadsheet format then discuss each in broader detail as we move on into the article and will include everything that I have accumulated including NFTs and what some others may find controversial such as mobile mining apps, but I will explain why I have included each in detail as well as provide links for those that may like to utilize these earnings as I have.


First let me give a brief explanation for including everything in my portfolio.

When BTC first appeared on the scene in 2009 there was much speculation about it's future, it's price which was value at $0.00008 in fiat dollars, I believe less than 1000th of 1 cent, that's right 1000th. and whether of not Bitcoin was a passing fad or scam.

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Today many new crypto currencies are valued as low if not lower than that of BTCs starting point, however I have only included a small amount of these as I have not accumulated any just yet, don't get me wrong many of these will succeed and many will fail, this is why it is always important to diversify your portfolio with currencies you believe may be successful in the future.


I may have made mistakes by not getting into some currencies, but as time moves forward I plan to grow and expand my portfolio into as many diverse currencies as possible as this is only my first monthly earnings published, you will be able to observe not only my earnings each month but the expansion of my portfolio. I hope this will encourage you to begin building your own portfolio and ensure your future financial digital currency wealth.

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Lets begin with my monthly calculated earnings

In the following Spreadsheet you will see I have included all my potential earnings some I added the value in USDs and some I could not find a rough estimate so I didn't include that valuation. Others I did not earn any, maybe because I was a little busy with one's I found had better value for me personally, you decide which have better value to you in regards to time spent achieving your goals


Monthly Cryptocurrency Income March 2021




As you can see from the spreadsheet I only included five Columns.


  • The Platform I earned my BCH or Cryptocurrency on.

  • The type of currency earned

  • The amount of that currency earned

  • The value of the currency

  • And the total earned in USDs


I included a total of all income at the end.


Next my collection of earned NFTS, I have not currently done a valuation on my NFTs as I plan on holding them for a little while as an investment as prices are currently rising, however I have spent roughly $4.00



OK lets go over the platforms I utilized to maximize my earnings is a BCH based blogging platform I write articles on based around my learning and understanding of the cryptoverse, my progress and sometimes my mistakes made while and during learning. You can join “HERE” and start writing your very own BCH blog, just try to write what you know and learn about while on your own crypto journey, I would suggest that to maximize your earning potential that you should write articles of interest to the community and always write 600 or more words. You can also earn a side income simply by sharing the interesting articles written by other authors and by referring new bloggers to is more of a twitter like BCH tipping platform, I didn't do an individual breakdown of my earnings on noise for the first month as I had integrated both my earnings from and Into the same wallet which made it impossible to be absolutely sure, I do know that I earned roughly between $2-3 from noise tips


PublishOX is another blogging platform which allows you to earn Ethereum, Ampleforth and Farm simply by reading other peoples crypto and technology based articles however there is a broader base of writers covering many other topics, you can apply to become an author on PublishOX you need to apply and wait for 24hrs for an answer on whether you have been success or not and you may also become a PublishOX ambassador, Ambassadors receive 5% of all tips given by those you refer, including the tip given and received. is a mining game that allows you to mine 2.77 Doge per day using the free Doge baby worth $30 or 500 Doge that you will receive for signing up using this link “HERE” you can also earn from the following methods



Stormgain is basically a trading app, I am currently doing a 30 day review of this App which will drop around the 10th of April, you can learn how to trade by watching the educational video's in the app, currently I am using the in app mining feature to mine USDT which I then plan on using to trade, but first I am utilizing the demo account to get a broader understanding of trading before I begin, you can get your free $3 sign up bonus plus get to trade whatever USDT they mine by clicking “HERE”.


Binance is an exchange and Crypto trading platform that you can do Pancake swaps, farming, and I believe staking your cryptocurrencies to earn a little bit more in interest, however I haven't gotten around to using this platform yet, If you have let me know how you found using it. If you haven't used Binance yet you can get started “HERE”.


Torum is one of my favorite crypto and privacy based social media platforms, it is my go to Failedbook alternative, You can earn XTM by completing daily, weekly, monthly and once off missions, others may also gift you some XTM NTCs and their is big news updates about Torum finance, NFTs and so much more about to be launched. Claim your first free 75 XTM and join the future “HERE


I use the brave browser and Presearch combined to do my research for articles that I write and earn both (BAT) basic attention tokens and (PRE)-tokens, both of these currencies are on the rise and any accumulated tokens now will undoubtedly gain massive value as these platform rise in popularity and use.

You can start using presearch by clicking “HERE” and also download the brave browser.


Well that's all for Part 1 of 2 watch out for part 2 coming in the next hour to get a further insight into Odysee, LBRY gaming and the NFT Industries massive growth and how you can get in on a piece of that action, Enjoy...

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