Could the local.bitcoin Market Place become a future BCH rival to tech giants like Amazon

So if you are not aware of this exciting BCH market place that allows you to not only buy and sell bitcoin cash but also to buy sell and trade for items using your BCH then local.bitcoin is a place you need to check out.




I stumbled apon local.bicoin while reaching subject material for a previous article and thought I should maybe swing back and give readers a more in dept look at the potential a BCH Market Place could have on the mass adoption of BCH.




I feel that the more we start using these platforms to buy and sell items through the more people we can potentially reach, and my hope is that this will bring new people to BCH, if we share our items for sale on other platforms to help highlight the options available.




I haven't listed anything on local.bitcoin myself as of yet but I do have a few items in mind to probably list for sale for BCH, for instance I have a few Android smart watches that I was selling face to face but with the current situation that is difficult, I may as well offer them for BCH online and do my little bit to help grow this undervalued aspect of the BCH ecosystem.




We have all heard about the great development with Bitcoin cash NFTs now being made available on the Juungle Platform and I am grateful to have bought what I believe to be first edition NFTs from there over the previous few weeks and this is another great platform you may want to look up for BCH users.


However as this article is about local.bitcoin I think it best to remain on topic so as to not confuse anyone, you can read my article about the great opportunities at the Juungle at following link


On the local.bitcoin Market Place I have found that you can by almost anything from a wide range of Items currently on offer from gemstones, vehicles, clothing, steam gaming items, Jewelry, Furniture and even rental properties.


The growth of local.bitcoin from what it is Today into a globally accepted Market Place is in the best interest of all BCH users and earners and will provide another avenue to earn and/or spend your BCH creating the kind of adoption we all want to see to aid the growth of the BCH ecosystem, the more we start to use these platforms the more they will grow and the more people will learn about them through the sale of goods for BCH promoted to other platforms.


Could we one day though see local.bitcoin becoming a rival to tech giants such as Amazon/ it is entirely possible if enough people become aware that it is available and start using and promoting it as an available alternative, I certainly would love to see that happen wouldn't you?

One thing is certain, this will only grow from here and the question you need to ask yourself is do you want to be one of the early adopters and utilize yet another earning potential, If so you can sign up today to get started “HERE” from here you can set up your wallet and make offers available for others to buy items or sell you their items in the offers section of the dashboard.




You can also search for specific items and in specific countries too in the Market Place




Although it is not yet as visually pleasing as other main stream big tech Market Places local.bitcoin is in a rather unique position of already having a niche market that is growing rather rapidly, one just needs to look at the rapid rise in value of BCH these past few weeks and just imagine for a minute where we could be in six, twelve or twenty four months, I for one am optimistic that more BCH users will start to use these platforms regularly and in doing so be doing their part in the BCH mass adoption.


I hope you enjoyed this article and will at least have a little peek at the potential currently available on local.bitcoin for if only we take hold and start the adoptive process, we could see great things ahead.


You can join me for further articles based around BCH and cryptocurrencies at the following list of blogs, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day


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