6th Day of Giveaways on Torum

Today my giveaway is for people that want to earn crypto by subscribing to read.cash and PublishOX and receive Free XTM as a Bonus for doing so, It is the biggest Prizes so far for Todays task all you need to do is first like and spread this post, remember if I cannot find the spread on your page no prize will be given, then subscribe to the following links to my two main blogging sites. PublishOX where you can earn Ethereum, Ampleforth and Ifarm by reading interesting crypto related articles and tipping the reader from the publishOX pool which you get to keep a percentage of, how cool is that, you get paid to read what crypto related topics interest you and read.cash a platform that allows you to earn Bitcoin cash by writing articles, posting short texts and also from communicating with authors of articles you may like, if they are generous that is. Finally when subscribed reply on this thread Done, followed by your name or alias and the first 3 letter of your email used to subscribe to both  sites for verification.                             

You if are not on Torum you can Find the Giveaway on Torum at https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=qjax01   


The first prize: 2 people to successfully subscribe to my 2 blogs will receive a Mars Tesla 75 XTM. The second 2 people to successfully subscribe will receive a Doge CEO 50 XTM, The third 2 people will receive a bag of altcoin 25XTM Don't worry if you are already subscribed to one of my blogs I will give 4 prizes for the first 4 people that sign up to only one blog,. Others that sign up will also receive a little gift as a Thank you The two links to subscribe are: https://www.publish0x.com/?a=openZv27e7 and https://read.cash/@Read.Cash/our-bitcoin-cash-affiliate-program-5311f58f remember these subscriptions will be verified before gifts are given out on Sat 10th April at roughly 10pm EST, I look forward to congratulating the winners. Yesterdays Giveaway winners will be announced on yesterdays thread in a few minutes and prizes will follow soon after, thank you all for participating .     

 I use Torum as my go to crypto earning alternative to facebook, you can earn 75 free XTM just for signing up, If you take part in my Giveaways you could earn more on top of those you earn for completing daily, weekly, monthly and once off missions. Join me there..

at https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=qjax01   

I earn BCH for writing articles on read.cash you can join me there at and earn from writing your own articles.


I also earn Ethereum, Ampleforth and Ifarm for reading and also writing Crypto based Articles on PublishOX, join me there and start earning right away.


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