What is PI Network? Is it worth mining it?

What is PI Network? Is it worth mining it?

By Divljo | Div | 24 Apr 2020

Welcome to my new blog post where I will introduce you to PI Network. The promising project made by team of Stanford PhDs.Their goal is to build the worlds most inclusive peer to peer marketplace,fueled by PI.

What is PI?

Pi is the first digital currency for ordinary people, representing an important step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. It was made by 3 Stanford graduates in 2019. It's one of the first cryptocurrencies that can be mined on your mobile phone.

How to mine PI?

For mining PI all you need is mobile phone. It's completely free to mine it. App is not using any power from the phone that means it don't spend battery, use the cpu or any other power supply on the phone. Only thing you need to do is to open it once per day and click to mine. You can download it from the play store easily typing PI Network or from this link here

Does PI have value?

Currently PI is not listed at any market and have any value. There is 3 phases in developing PI.

Phase 1: Design and distribution

Phase 2: Testnet

Phase 3: Mainnet

Phase 2 started about a month ago and till the end of year it will go on the market. A couple of days ago coin gecko listed it as a IOU with price 0.36$ and that can be similar to base price when it goes to market. Currently only few people that are testing market can buy things with it and the price ranged from 1-15$ dollars per pi. 

PI at the coin gecko


PI surely has some kind of future, good thing is that it's completely free to mine it and you don't spend anything so you can't lose anything if it fails. I am mining it for some time now and I am very confident with this crypto. I suggest you to mine it because you have nothing lose and you can earn something. It's a investition without risk. 

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