From Marketing & Advertising to Managing Stocks and Crypto.

By Adrian Castaneda | disruptive_tech | 9 Aug 2021

I am a recent University graduate with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing.

Although I should've chosen Finance or Economics based on my preferences, the pandemic forced me to take online classes and taking math classes online was something I struggled with; hence, my decision to lean towards Marketing as reading, is an easier task (at least to me) when it comes to self-education, because let's be honest, online learning is a whole different thing. But that is a topic for a different time.

However, I knew in the back of my mind, that marketing is not something I want to exercise in the long term. I have always had curiosity about investing, budgeting and businesses in general from the managerial side, I like finding ways to optimize performances, analyze things, build ways to improve efficiency and my curiosity does not end there.

And for that reason I took some financial classes as the ones I could choose from from 2019 to 2021. That helped me understand how to analyze stocks from a financial standpoint as well as from the technical side in a more sophisticated way. Because all of stock market knowledge I had before then, came from hundreds hours of online research throughout the three previous years (2016-2019) when I first got interested in the stock market.

Online resources help me understand, mainly, technical analysis. Therefore, I was already familiarized with most of the terms we would touch in class. However, I have to say that 75% of what I know today is thanks to all the material I consumed (and still do) online, through people that show high degree of understanding in the topics I am interested in and being always analytic and drawing my own conclusions. I am no expert; but I believe expertise is something you gain through experience.

In 2018, I finally decided to jump into the stock market, buying my first stocks. I always do my research before investing as I only invest mid to long-term (in years time) as I believe it is the only way you can let your assets really mature, and you avoid worrying too much about fluctuations. That has also taught me that if you focus on fluctuations, emotions will arise which will lead you to make bad decisions.


l have had 2 successful years in the market. In part, perhaps, thanks to the bull run we have had, but I also strongly believe that the knowledge I gather before buying a stock gives me the confidence and conviction I need even on tough days. I base my research, not only the technical aspect but also, and mainly financial analysis (I must say I base my analysis 75% in financial and 25% technical) before I decide to buy stocks. Impulse buys and hyped stocks do not form part of my portfolio. Every stock has a reason why it has been selected and that gives me peace of mind.   

Last year, a few of family members started asking me to manage some of their funds, as they believe my knowledge is valuable and they trust my judgement when it comes to crypto and stock investments. I was humbled by their requests. And although I thought it would be great to help them out; with it came the responsibility if managing other people's money. Which brought me to some internal debate.

Finally, by the end of the year and after debating for a while whether I should I accept or not, I decided to take on the task. They know I am not a licensed broker or anything near that. Therefore, I do not manage their funds, but we debate about certain investments and I try to guide them providing them with valuable tools and insightful information I use to make my own financial decisions so they can benefit from it, as I do not have the power nor the legal right to advise anyone financially.

But I am proud to say that I am helping them with great results, even during this past Q2 tech correction and the drop in the overall crypto market. I was still able to help put together a balanced portfolio which was capable to withstand the hard hit some sectors suffered.

I am also aware that all investments bring certain risk, and I make my own due diligence to make sure I am covered as much as possible while maximizing my opportunity for growth. I am a long-term investor, therefore I only invest on strong companies according to their financials and growth opportunity within their sectors. I am certainly happy I opened up my eyes to investing in the stock market and finally understanding crypto as well. I no longer wish to do any marketing related jobs (although I've always been good at it) and I am very close from making that a reality.

I think even though I was not among the first and I missed some of the early opportunity in crypto, there is certainly a lot more room for growth and I have already jumped on the boat and I am glad I did.

And if you are reading this, you probably are either on the crypto boat and I salute you; or about to come on board and I welcome you. 

Happy investing everyone. 



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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

In the Crypto journey - Westfield State University Long-Term Stock Market Investor


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