Diskcoin is expected to carry the POC consensus banner
Diskcoin is expected to carry the POC consensus banner

By Diskcoin | Diskcoin | 25 Nov 2019

From the earliest use of computers for CPU mining to the use of GPU mining, to the current professional mining machines, mining pools, the mining industry is gradually diversified. For newcomers, it is easy to be blocked by the high threshold of participation. In order to meet the needs of everyone who can participate in mining, the POC mining has emerged.

So what is a POC? POC (Proof of Capacity) is a consensus mechanism that allows mining equipment to use spare hardisk space to participate in mining. Compared with the POW mechanism, the POC project represented by Diskcoin has many advantages:


Low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving

POC mining replaces the computing power with hardisk space, which largely eliminates the waste of resources and environmental unfriendly caused by POW mining. In terms of power and operation and maintenance costs, it is much smaller than POW. The most common POW miners consume more than 2 kW. The power consumption of a POC hardisk miner is about 25W, and the power consumption of 100 sets is only over 2,000 watts.


Natural anti-monopoly, low risk

BTC and ETH mining are heavily monopolized. Large-scale mines have better location and power resources. They have become the game of capitalists. If the mining machine is abandoned due to force majeure, it is like scrap iron. The POC mechanism uses the hardisk plus the server to mine, and even if it does not mine, it has a certain residual value, which can be used as a hardisk, and the risk is low.


The threshold is low and everyone can participate

Compared with the current POW mining machine, POC can mine as long as it has a hard disk, which greatly reduces the mining threshold. POC mining machine has low power consumption, low noise and low cost, which is suitable for everyone to mine.

Diskcoin is referred to as DISC. While retaining the security of Bitcoin, DISC mining is low power consumption and more energy efficient. In addition, DISC also absorbs the economic advantages of BHD and the technical advantages of BCH, and has carried out a series of optimizations, combining the advantages of all parties. As with Bitcoin, the total supply of Diskcoin is 21 million.


Diskcoin added a Staking mechanism during the mining process, and users can lend the coins to the other miners. The Staking mechanism raises the threshold for centralized capacity. Even if there are super miners, ordinary investors can continue to earn reward.

Since BURST, Diskcoin was the first POC community to propose not to premine and promise open source. It was open source in October 2019, and many projects under the "POC Consensus" have quietly collapsed. Diskcoin has persisted in the present, and the development community's multi-frequency update has enabled the main chain to operate stably for half a year. It may be the most desirable feature of the community when the market is changing. I hope that the majority of users can see the essence of more blockchain projects, and hope that Diskcoin can keep the initial heart and carry the POC consensus banner!



An energy-saving and scalable peer-to-peer crypto currency system.


An energy-saving and scalable peer-to-peer crypto currency system

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