10 questions to let you know about DISC

10 questions to let you know about DISC

By Diskcoin | Diskcoin | 3 Feb 2020

What is DISC?

DISC is a new cryptocurrency based on CPOC (Conditioned Proof of capacity).


What is the POC consensus mechanism?

POC, Proof Of Capacity. Capacity generally refers to hard disk capacity. POC was first born in 2014. The earliest cryptocurrency using the POC consensus mechanism was Burstcoin.


What is the difference between POC and CPOC?

CPOC, Conditioned Proof Of Capacity. POC was first used by Burstcoin, but the development of burstcoin is not good. Although it uses POC, it still follows the economic model of POW, which led to early miners obtaining a large number of tokens at extremely low cost. Then, the awkward situation that the miners who entered later have no tokens to mine. On this basis, DISC has adopted the CPOC, that is, mining is not simply a stack of capacity but requires the Staking of tokens to make the mining revenue higher. If the Staking conditions are not met, the revenue will decrease.


What is the biggest difference and similarity between POC and POW?

The biggest difference between POC and POW is the computing power and the hard disk space. The common point is that both of them determine the probability of a block based on capacity or computing power. POW means that the greater the computing power, the higher the probability of block generation, as well as the POC. The larger the hard disk capacity, the greater the probability of block generation.


Can other data stored in the hard disk be used to participate in POC mining?

As far as POC is concerned, you need unused space to store the hash values needed for mining. If you already have data in your hard disk space and have already occupied the hard disk space, there is no way to participate in POC mining.


Why participate in POC hard disk mining?

①POC also has the security and openness of POW. The POC project in 2019 shows a rapid outbreak, so it is likely that POC will re-establish a consensus of POW ecological magnitude in the next one or two years.

②POC mining, that is, hard disk mining, the mining equipment is universal and will not be iteratively updated in a short time. At the same time, hard disks are very cheap and easy to obtain. There are many hard disk manufacturers and stable shipments. The basis of consensus is therefore naturally broad and decentralized.

③Compared with traditional ASIC mining rigs, hard disks have a wider range of functions. ASIC mining rigs are only used as mining equipment, while hard disks can mine and store data. If mining cannot be performed, it can return to its original storage function, with extremely high residual value, and the low power consumption and low noise of the hard disk are more in line with the development of the mining industry in the new era.


What are the characteristics of DISC?

DISC uses hard disk capacity as the basis of consensus, making its production more decentralized, making it more secure and credible, and everyone can participate in the mining of cryptocurrencies.


How to participate in DISC mining for idle hard disks?

First, you need to download the DISC wallet, generate an account (Plot ID), and then use the plot software to perform hash calculation and fill the hard disk space until it is full. After completing the plotting, you only need to bind the mining pool to the wallet or enable solo mode to participate in DISC mining. (Solo mode will require a lot of hard disk capacity, it is generally recommended to join the mining pool)


What is the difference between DISC and IPFS & Fil?

IPFS is a network transmission protocol, DISC is a cryptocurrency and a way to reward miners; the data stored in IPFS is data that is closely related to our lives, such as photos, videos, music, etc., while DISC mining required hash value; IPFS & Fil miner's revenue comes from providing users with retrieval and storage services, while DISC miner's revenue is block mining; IPFS & Fil miners mortgage tokens to ensure that they can provide users with storage services for a long time. The DISC miners Stake the tokens for higher returns.


What is DISC mining?

DISC is obtained from POC hard disk mining. What is POC hard disk mining? Simply put, POC hard disk mining is to calculate a large number of hash values in advance by using CPU, GPU, and other equipment before mining starts, and store it in hard disk space. This process is generally called "plot".

Compared to the SHA256 hash algorithm used by BTC, the shabal256 used by DISC is a hash algorithm that is extremely difficult to calculate and takes a long time to calculate. Therefore, before mining DISC, you need to plot first.

Compared with POW, POC has a smaller energy consumption during the mining process. POW mining requires a large number of redundant hash calculations. This process is like a candidate constantly looking for books to find the correct answer. POC mining is to store the existing hash value in the hard disk in advance. You can obtain the corresponding hash value by scanning the hard disk. POC is more like a candidate who already has an answer. Just enter the answer is fine.


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An energy-saving and scalable peer-to-peer crypto currency system.


An energy-saving and scalable peer-to-peer crypto currency system

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