Newdex liquidity pools to compete with xNation. Binance does everything. gets sued
Newdex liquidity pools to compete with xNation. Binance does everything. gets sued

By EOS Discussions | | 6 Apr 2020

Hello everyone, every Sunday we hold a public meeting in our discord to go over some of the things we’ve been working on in the back as well as to talk about some of the content that have been posted on Discussions.

If you would like to have to share your thoughts on some of the things we bring up, free to leave a reply on this thread, or any of the Discussions threads mentioned below, we’ll be watching those threads for comments.



  1. Tip confirmation 
  2. New layout!

Content Discussions

  1. Recap of Interview with Bancor and EOS Nation
  2. Liquidity pool
  3. Newdex releases their own liquidity pool
  4. WPS

Break/Partner Update:

  1. MPT’s mother company, PROCAN, has started to produce machines that manufacture N95 masks
  2. PUML adds new team members, and partners.
  3. BlockBase beta launches on EOS mainnet on April 22nd.

Content discussions continues:

  1. Binance, Binance, and more Binance
  2. Binance confirms acquisition of CoinMarketCap
  3. Who Binance is voting for
  4. gets sued.

“Freedom of speech does not guarantee you a platform from which to air your opinions. You may hold trenchant views on a number of subjects but the fact that The Times won't print your ruminations doesn't mean you are being oppressed…While freedom of speech gives you the right to dissent and, yes, to offend, it does not give you the right to abuse.”

― Billy Bragg.

Submitted by Seth.

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