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Top 3 Crypto you can invested in 2021 and beyond

By Diptesh | Diptesh | 31 Jul 2021

Crypto a sort name for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies are still in its infancy which means we can still start investing in them.

                  First foremost we should never invest more than 5% of our earning and I would suggest  you to be very careful before investing in any cryptocurrencies, at first they can look very attractive very cheap to buy but it would be a waste of time and money if you make decisions without thinking and also I would like to tell you one thing not every cryptocurrency can be bitcoin. So, remember this thing in mind before taking any decision, my goal here is to guide you all in this regards.

First crypto I would like to discuss is no other than Bitcoin (btc)

                  Bitcoin, its the ultimate cryptocurrency to keep inventing as its price is predicted to double in near future. I would like to suggest you all to invest a little amount each month like we do sip in mutual funds or stocks, please do the same for this cryptocurrency. You can invest as litter as 1$ a month but just keep in mind to invest regularly. 

Second Crypto I like is Ethereum (ETH)

                 As we know that Ethereum is founded by Vitalik Buterin and Charles Hoskinson and others in the year 2015, since its launch it has given very good returns, after BTC it is a must to have in your portfolio. I would like to suggest you all to buy ETH like sip little by little every month. This Crypto is more stable than other coins and I am bullish on this cryptocurrency. It can give 100% return in one year.

Third Crypto would be Basic Attention Token (BAT)

              I like BAT which is Blockchain based digital advertising using there Brave browser which is right now at the right level to invest as it can give us 100-200% return in 1 year because of the success of Brave browser where they have 10.6 million daily active users which is a very good foundation for its success, In the long run it can can be a dark horse.


               At the end it is up to you where to invest and what to invest my blog is just to give you guys a new prospective to look.


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