3rd Week In A Row! Leaderboard AGAIN at Pipeflare! E_A_S_Y M_O_N_E_Y

Third week in a row! I, a totally uncoordinated person, has made the Leaderboard at Pipeflare in the 3 main games!!!

And then I did it AGAIN in week 4!

These games DO PAY OUT!

Here is a slice of my Leaderboard Payouts Screen, and yes, these do go straight to my account at Coinbase!


Pipeflare is for real!

Daily ZEC Faucet.
Daily DOGE Faucet.
Daily FLR Faucet.
Games that payout FLR always.
Leaderboard Rewards for the top 300 in the top 3 games.
Plus a referral system AND more!
Use it EVERYDAY and the amounts build up. 

What does it cost ya? NOTHING!
Unless you want to buy referrals or subscribe. But that brings more returns quicker...

Join up at Pipeflare if you haven't already. If you'd use my link I'd really appreciate it!

Click Here to Join PipeFlare!


And if you are not using Coinbase, WHY  NOT! They give you free crypto for watching short videos and answering EASY questions!
Join Coinbase from my link too, I thank you!

Click Here to Join Coinbase!


Thanks for taking the minutes to read this and I hope you take my advice!


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Dipping your toes into Crypto
Dipping your toes into Crypto

Slow down there Hot Rod! If you do this slow and steady you WILL benefit! But if you go like mad you will go mad! Here are some bits-o-knowing I have experienced. When I find a GOOD I will share it. When I find a BAD you better believe I'll share it!

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