By DiNaMiiK | DiNaMiiK_Crypto | 8 Apr 2021

Hi guys DiNaMiiK is back, I start liking to post so here I am again.



Today I want to introduce you LOST RELICS the game that I discovered 2 days ago that is similiar to DIABLO 2 and could not stop playing it. I don't want to go so deep so as you can see in their website lost relics basically is :

Free to play Action-Adventure RPG

Explore Talmuth and scour the dark underbelly while you embark on Quests in search of precious relics and save the townsfolk from terrifying beasts!


This game has impressed me and I can't just stop playing it hoping to find some rare and unique blockchain item that has value and I could be able to sell it... You know to be honest for now there is no much more to do in the game because it still is in PRE-REALESE VERSION. That's why the game is so promising from my point of view, if you check their website and look for their roadmap, well it just looks awesome. In the near game's future you will be able to complete tasks with other players in a 4 player co-op pve or even fight with each other to compete who is the best in a 4 player pvp... INSANE


The items listed in the Roadmap are listed to give you an idea of where Lost Relics is heading in the future. There are no current deadlines or expected release dates for features.

  • New Skills
  • New Environments
  • New Weapons
  • New Items
  • Encounters
  • Arena
  • Housing
  • Bosses
  • Up to 4 player co-op pve
  • Up to 4 player pvp

Just imagine going in a random world with your friends collecting blckchain items while fighting with monsters... I also need to mention that the community it's so healthy and the game's developer is there for resolving problems and trying to fix the bugs that players cap report in the DISCORD or TELEGRAM, remembler the game is still in PRE-RELEASE ( patch 0.1.000176).

The game uses the coin ENJIN which operates in ETHEREUM, just saying this because this last days ENJIN has increased its value notably.

That's all for today, I did not mean to publish nothing that's why I'm not going so deep in explaing the game. However, I'm thinking in creating a section only dedicated to LOST RELICS to be honest while writing the post a couple of ideas come to my head like for example: how to start at the game avoiding some mistakes I experienced myself, my experience during the game, tracking my loot during my journey... and  bunch more of posibilities that this game offers.

To finish I want to warn you all that if you are interested in joining the game you must hurry up because the easter 2021 event is still up and opens a lot of chances to new players like us.

 As always THANKS YOU ALL for reading, and hope to see you again.

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