What will happen to the project that showed the biggest growth this week!? Meet Cartesi!

By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 15 Feb 2021

Friends, the project has already shown good growth since my first publication and you could earn 300% who followed me !!! Today I will try to predict what will happen next! This is not investment advice - this is my experience! I am only sharing the information I find on the Internet, analysis and further study, do it yourself! You can always ask questions to the management on social networks!



- broke through the resistance;
- stayed inside the horizontal level.
Login with current. Stop loss below $ 0.178
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What are our ratings and purchases?


What is Cartesi? Cartesi is taking smart contracts on Ethereum to the next level. It is solving the urgent problem of scalability and high fees by implementing a variant of optimistic roll-ups. Most notably, Cartesi is revolutionizing smart contract programming by allowing developers to code with mainstream software stacks instead of Solidity. Noether is Cartesi's side-chain that’s optimized for ephemeral data, providing low-cost data availability to DApps.

The main advantages that I highlight:

1.Transaction scaling: 20-fold+ TPS increase over Ethereum!
2.CTSI is a utility token that works as a crypto-fuel for Noether.
3.Stakers receive CTSI rewards by staking their tokens and participating in the network.
4.Node runners are selected randomly according to a PoS system and gain the right to create the next block.
5.Users of the network pay CTSI fees to insert data on the side-chain. (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/cartesi)

Articles for a detailed study of the project:

Coinone is now Supporting CTSI Reserve Mining and Custodial Staking:


Why Cartesi Rollups is unique:


15/2/2021  Cartesi AMA Recap with Elrond

Read AMA Recap with Elrond Network featuring Augusto Teixeira Chief Scientific Officer at Cartesi: https://medium.com/cartesi/ama-recap-with-elrond-network-featuring-augusto-teixeira-chief-scientific-officer-at-cartesi-7b6bae63bb6c

What can Cartesi bring to Maiar and Elrond network?

Augusto: So there are two things that we can bring to the table:

One as I said is the ability to run logic on Linux, using anything the developer wants. This is for example what made the fast growth of App Store and Google Play possible.

Second, we also allow for people to decide to move some of the computation away from the global consensus. Although Elrond is much faster than other blockchains, doing this will allow for even greater speeds. And trust me, there is no limit to how much computing power applications would like to access.

Let's wish the project good luck and growth! Do not judge strictly, I am not an expert, but a crypto enthusiast like you! I hug everyone, join the big world of cryptocurrency!



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