SFP Airdrop Round 2 – Join & Share 5,500,000 SFP Pool! DETAILED GUIDE on the distribution of money from SafePal!!!

SFP Airdrop Round 2 – Join & Share 5,500,000 SFP Pool! DETAILED GUIDE on the distribution of money from SafePal!!!

By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 15 Jan 2021

You need to pay attention. What profit awaits us? The company is serious and is under the wing of Binance. Serious online wallet tokens cost good money. For example: TWT token from Trust Wallet - 1twt \ 0.13 $ or AWC from Atomic Wallet - 1AWC \ 1.20 $.

DETAILED GUIDE on the distribution of money from SafePal


SafePal is a secure and convenient hardware wallet that supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC and BNB. It is also the first hardware wallet brand that Binance has invested in. 


Distribution information:

SafePal is holding its 2nd round of distribution of their tokens. Total pool: 5,500,000 SFP! You can take part in the drop until January 31st. To get coins, you need to complete tasks in the SafePal application, for which we will receive Share (this is like points) on which the distribution of the total pool will depend (The more Share, the more SFP you will receive). SFP tokens will be distributed on February 3rd, at the moment the coin is not yet traded, but will be listed soon.

Check out SafePal wallet - https://www.safepal.io/download

1. Download the SafePal application from this link. Go to the application and click "Software Wallet".


Click "Next". Set a password, put a checkmark at the bottom and click "Submit".

Create a wallet, click "Create Wallet", enter the password that you set. Name the wallet and click "Done" Click "Back up my phrase" and save the secret phrase.


in DApp in SafePal application by clicking on the central icon in the bottom panel. Then click on "Claim FREE SFP token NOW!"


1. The first task is to follow twitter & retweet. On the page with tasks, click on "Join" opposite Twitter.

- Subscribe to twitter @iSafePal

- Retweet this post with your referral code

- Copy the link to the retweet and paste it into the "Enter your RT link" field

- Click "Complete Task"

Very important! Twitter page must be 180 days old or more. Must have 10 or more subscribers. Each device and each BSC wallet can receive a reward once. Each Twitter page can only receive the award once.


2. The second task is referral program . Also, go to DApp and on the page with tasks, opposite 10% Share, click "Join".

in the I'm invited field, enter the code YQ5NDV, click Claim Now and get an additional 0.2 Share. You can also give your code to friends and get 10% Share from their completed tasks with a hold of coins.




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