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By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 21 Feb 2022

Hello everyone, today we will talk about data privacy. After all, this is important for you, then I present to you the Iron Fish project.

Iron Fish is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that anyone can use without compromising privacy or usability. A first-level blockchain that provides privacy for every single transaction.

The name of the project is related to the history of data encryption during World War II. Then, in radio broadcasts, submarines were designated as such, and a separate article on the website is even devoted to the name of the project:


Privacy Coins: Aztec and Iron Fish at Ethereal 2021:

“The lack of privacy and the expectation that I am being watched and that I have to hide what I have because I don’t really have privacy guarantees has changed the culture in a way that I think has a negative effect on innovation and entrepreneurship. in the country. says Elena Nadolinsky from her San Francisco office.


“The reason I'm working on Iron Fish is because right now we're moving towards total payment transparency,” says Nadolinsky. “If you are happy with surveillance, this is the future you want. And for us, this is some kind of terrible future.”

This is a new cryptocurrency that secures every transaction using zk-SNARK and the Sapling protocol, read more in our whitepaper.

Iron Fish will become a protective layer for many assets, even in different chains, and will provide a platform for real digital money - the full implementation of Satoshi's idea.

In the future, Iron Fish can be directly in the browser: without installation, without interfering with the router settings.

Iron Fish gives you full control over who sees the details of transactions through account view keys or transaction decryption keys.

The project raised 33 million. Funds and investors: Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, Electric Capital, MetaStable Capital. Near Protocol and Agoric, Do Kwon is one of the founders of the Terra blockchain.

The project is being followed on Twitter by the head of the Coinbase listing service.



Bitcoin and Ethereum - the least private way to transact
Transparent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are inherently the least private way to transact. Transaction verification for these systems depends on complete transparency. Bitcoin can sometimes be marked as anonymous or pseudonymous, but this should not be mistaken for privacy, in fact all Bitcoin transactions are completely traceable by design.

Let's take a look at how Bitcoin or Ethereum transactions work and why they are so easy to trace.

Please note that every transaction ever made by this wallet is permanently recorded, which gives everyone access to the current balance, Huobi clients, user tokens that are stored in this wallet, and so on. Etherscan also provides some basic, easily accessible analytics for any given wallet over time.

Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions are fundamentally non-private due to their transaction verification methods based on full account transparency. At Iron Fish, privacy is essential for real commerce and user safety. To achieve strong privacy guarantees, a cryptocurrency protocol must be built with privacy in mind from the start. While both Bitcoin and Ethereum have privacy tools such as Mixers, CoinJoins, and specialized smart contracts to hide funds, they are fundamentally flawed.

Life after cash.
To date, most cryptocurrencies provide the least private way of transactions, permanently storing all transactions in clear text for all to see. Privacy is even considered controversial, and yet privacy is critical to innovation, open communication, and social evolution. Most importantly, your entire life happens online (shopping, appointments, birthdays, and now even funerals) - all your data is recorded, analyzed and sold. Privacy protects you.

In 2021, it is clear that people's attitudes towards privacy are changing. Signal installs soared 4200% after Whatsapp announced it would force users to share personal data with Facebook. ProtonMail usage has grown 3x. The growth of DuckDuckGo has become exponential.

As cash continues to disappear, cryptocurrencies will only become a viable alternative to traditional banking if we truly embrace privacy. p.s Information from the official site of the project! Links to the project will be written at the bottom.



📚 Tutorial:
📢 Telegram:

At the moment, you can take part in a simple testnet and receive points that can be exchanged for tokens in the future. More about testnet

Below are all the necessary links:  Registration on the testnet -






How to join the testnet:

-Registration for testnet-
-Detailed information about tasks and points -
-In discord, you can get extra points.
-Follow the link and fill out the form -


-A letter is sent to your mail (do not forget to confirm it)

-Choose tasks

-Fill out the report form.

Good luck to all!


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