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What's going on?
Coin (LRC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has emerged in integration with Ethereum's Erc-20 block chain system. The loop was created and design under different cryptocurrencies. It can also be used to create platforms for the realization of electronic money and other financial data. The project started in the summer of 2017.
Depending on Ethereum's open source code, the Loop platform can be used as an ecosystem resource platform. According to Loopring's co-founder Wong, the project says that it allows you to regain trust in ICOs and re-enter the cryptocurrency market you are using.

Loop 3.0

Loop 3.0 is for the same security as the basic Ethereum block chain, for warranty, it can perform 2,025 transactions per second. This is possible between a structure called zkRollup and a Data Availability on Chain or feature called OCDA. If OCDA is disabled, Loop efficiency will be as high as 16,400 operations per second, but security falls under the security of the consortium that protects. For context, previous versions of Loopring (and current versions of some other DEX protocols) can only perform 2 or 3 operations per second. With Loop 3.0, hiding can match the performance of competitors.

Looping team

Johnston CHEN / Loop Founder Partner & Former COO, WeDEX Founder
Zhongan Technology Xuefeng LI / CTO
Yuhang GUO / Council, China Blockchain Application Research Center
Founder of Hongfei DA / NEO and Ontology
Terence LAM / CEO, Loopnest Blockchain Accelerator
Alex CHENG / CTO from VipKid, Senior Vice President, Baidu, Google Director
Yin CAO / Founder, Energy Blockchain Lab
Xiaohu GUO / CS Professor, University of Texas
Yipeng GUO / President, Guangzhou Development Fund
Huaxia XIA / Chief Scientist, Meituan Group
Mingchen Zhang / Partner, Redpoint Initiatives
Shuo BAI / China Manager
Steven LI / Founder, Univalue Associates

Bella LONG / Former Public Relations Director
Chen WANG / Photos
Zongbao HOU / running
Kun FU / photos
Tao LI / works
Hui SHAO / under
Weichao LI / under
Benjamin Price / works
Shuhong CHANG / Designer
Jinchen Hou / Community
Kai ZENG / Community, Marketing, Operation
Dawei LI / Community
Jie LIU / Operation
Натали Игонина / Translation
HarryR / ethSnarks
BarryWhitehat / zkRollup
Dmitry Khovratovich / Poseidon Mixed Function
Substance Laboratories / SNARK Stack Evidence Verification
SECBIT Labs / Official Verification and Auditing

Loop Statistics

Loop Price $ 0.041027 USD


-17.95% Market Ranking # 108Market Cap $ 43.175.518 USD24 Hours Volume $ 9.627.050 USD Reversible Supply1.052.356.480 LRCTotal Supply1.374.813.985 LRCMax Supply No DataAll Time High

$ 2.59 USD (09 Jan 2018)

All Time Low

$ 0.019861 (Dec 18, 2019)

52 Weeks High / Low

$ 0.077538 / $ 0.019861

90 Days High / Low

$ 0.054681 / $ 0.020367

30 Days High / Low

$ 0.043176 / $ 0.030080

7 Days High / Low

$ 0.043176 / $ 0.037024

24 Hour High / Low

$ 0.043176 / $ 0.040917

Yesterday's High / Low

$ 0.042467 / $ 0.038954

Opened / Closed Yesterday

$ 0.039066 / $ 0.042241

Yesterday's Change $ 0.003175 USD (8.13%) Yesterday's Volume $ 8.481.561 USD

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Dijital money
Dijital money

Cryptocurrencies play the most important role in our future. It is a sector that requires very good research before entering the crypto industry. I wish you success in this industry.

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