How to Flip NFTs?

By Digital-BOY | Digital-times | 3 Mar 2022



What actually is flipping? Basically to flip means to buy any thing at low price and then sell it at high price. Such as you can flip in various things like Crypto Currencies, NFTs, and many other things of your daily lives. 

WHY NFTs Flipping?

As we know that NFT space is highly valuable and is one of the top trending industry nowadays. NFTs space is $41 billion industry which is making it highly tradable and thousands of NFTs are traded on daily basis. The average monthly volume of April 2021 jumps from $64 million to  $750 million in the next half of 2021. So we can understand how this thing is going globally. We can make good bucks out of it as its industry is very wide. AVvXsEgDXFa3-MMuqXKB4cVvM78UBh7XdmnkpWMMA_lNK2cbkvtjB2-xbCD4St4NZKrb6ABV1hqbVcwCQIBwsY3VgqrufEumStzZGTA3QCiBvxEwOZiR9DPP6Y0mu1tGcWJedvWHJUBQ74L2r2uXgOtVBKms19YVri2GTu3b9g-hrSPr9nUtsN5VpK6cZsDa5g=w519-h316


As we can see the following data is showing number of buyers are moving more and more in this space. In  Jan 2021 buyers were less than 10,000 and jumps to 20,000 and more so in this space we have a chance to make good money. The volume of 2022 till now is more than expected and more and more are moving towards it. The volume of NFTs in Jan 2022 was $6.86 billion We have to understand that we are still early in this space and if we did not understand this now we will be late like we were in believing the $BITCOIN.

Factors to look into NFTs Project:-

1) Use-Case, Utility- other than the art does this project provides anything beneficial or is doing anything in our daily lives. 2) Team behind the project- see the team team behind if it is trustworthy or not. 3) Community- see if other people are interested in this project or not check there social links like twitter, Instagram , discord see if there is hype and people are in or not whether they believe in this project or not. 4) Connection- check if any famous person , celebrity, or company is involved in this project. 5) Art- if it really is worth of it. When you are all good and are ready than comes the next step.

How to Get Early in NFTs projects:-

There are various websites you can check them and you can see the top trending projects. The other step is to mint an NFT. Every projects start with a minting price like some start with 0.1 eth. You can easily mint them and than flip it on the launch for like 2 3eth or more. Second you can buy on various marketplaces select one project which seems good and than look for NFTs  from low to high buy the one with low price and you can easily flip. Third try to get whitelisted spot in which you get selected for minting NFTs at a very low price and at very early stage than you can flip it to make 2-10x easily. You can easily check upcoming projects on various websites like the one I am mentioning.


1) OpenSea 2) Rarible 3) Axie Marketplace 4) Nifty Gateway     Note;- I am not a financial advisor you should learn it before you jump in this space "First learn than earn." Thankyou    Resources:

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