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By Codeinmy | Digital Mind Fortress | 1 Jun 2021

I eat million-dollar-idea cereal and pop out million-dollar-idea-shaped turds before lunch. What I lack is the time and capital to make any of them come true. I decided that it is a shame to sit on these things just because I can't develop them. The world needs these nuggets of genius even if I don't.

So I was pondering on the problem that you need money to make money. I can confidently pick a stock that returns 15% in a year. I do that with my money and I'm up a few hundred bucks. If I did it with Bill Gates' money I could end world hunger.

Well a portion of Earth's population (1 billion or so) lives on less that $1 per day. The fees to buy a single share of anything would bankrupt them. Their return wouldn't buy enough gas to power an ant's motorcycle around a penny. But one of them is the James Maxwell of stocks.

If only I could give every one of them $1 - no fees, just a buck - and let them keep 75% of all their earnings. If they make it into $10 I'll give em another $10, etc. If they lose it they're done. In the very worst scenario I have fed someone for a day. Someone whose only sin was being born less privileged than me. If they are prudent or lucky enough they might be able to change their stars.

How do we do this? We're talking about a $1 billion gamble. But it's a gamble on people, and they win either way. Stay tuned for my next article on how I plan to accomplish it.

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