Digital Fan Art (part 2)

By lotte | Digital and Line Art | 12 Aug 2020

Haikyuu Fan Art


Number 11 Tsukishima Kei is Karasuno's middle blocker. He is the tallest among the members despite being a first year. He is a genius and really calm. He might seem cold and harsh but he values friendship and of course his passion in playing volleyball. I decided to draw a smiling Tsukki without glasses. If you already watched this anime you'll find his smile sarcastic and an irritated smile haha.

Tsukishima Kei


Nekoma High School Volleyball team's setter Kozuma Kenma. He is the brain and heart of their team. He must seem inactive and unmotivated in playing volleyball but he's willing to go all out for his friends. He love video games.

I added detail by including my cat🤣

Kozuma Kenma

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Digital and Line Art
Digital and Line Art

Hi 🤗 Digital Arts is still new to me. I learned from tutorials and I still draw with guide. It's fun and relaxing to finish arts of your favorite person or character.

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