Digital Arts

Digital Arts (part 3)

By lotte | Digital and Line Art | 14 Aug 2020

Here are some digital arts that I made.



That's me😁 I made an art of myself back when I have a long hair.



She's my friend and my classmate. This is the first time I drawn in PicsArt app.

My nieceShe's my niece, she love to pose for pictures. She'll be turning 8 years old this November.


He's my nephew, when he saw that I draw her sister he also said he want one so i did haha.

Hope you enjoy this. Support me for more arts😁

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Huge fan of anime, books, and cats

Digital and Line Art
Digital and Line Art

Hi 🤗 Digital Arts is still new to me. I learned from tutorials and I still draw with guide. It's fun and relaxing to finish arts of your favorite person or character.

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