Review: Battle Infinity | NFT-based Fantasy Sports Game

Review: Battle Infinity | NFT-based Fantasy Sports Game

Business 4/5


Battle Infinity, a new blockchain gaming system featuring multiple play-to-earn NFT games, was created as an inspiration for the Axie Infinity gaming paradigm. In order to provide its users with a seamless gaming experience, the game mixes the well-known traits of the Metaverse, NFTs, and crypto. The platform, which was developed as a fantasy sports cryptocurrency game, gives players access to a number of virtual sports games, including basketball, football, rugby, and cricket, to compete against other potential users. Battle Infinity is a platform with six products already in its ecosystem, with more to come. The IBAT Premier League is one of them. The others are Battle Swap, Battle Market, Battle Games, Battle Arena, and Battle Stake.


The Battle Infinity team is from India, a major crypto hub at the moment. Additionally, India's educational levels are improving, and compared to other Asian superpowers, their demographics are significantly more favourable in the long run. The country's e-sports market is booming as well, and in a nation known for its cricket fervour, interest in Battle Infinity's play to earn game should be high. Experienced programmers, developers, and project managers make up the Battle Infinity team. Similar to Polygon (MATIC), which is currently one of the top 20 crypto assets, Suresh Joshi leads an Indian core team. The project's tagline is "welcome to the multiverse of metaverse"; by offering a variety of Battle Arena games on various gaming platforms, they hope to expand the possible user base and level of interest among gamers. You can find the people who made Battle Infinity, like project leader Suresh Joshi, on the website and on LinkedIn.

Road Map

The full Combat Swap mainnet release and the introduction of the Battle Market will occur in Phase 4 of Battle Infinity, which is currently in Phase 3. In Phase 5, the Battle Game is anticipated to go live, and in Phase 6, the Battle Arena. But there are currently no specific dates listed in the Battle Infinity plan. This indicates that no information regarding a potential launch date is available. Players in the IBAT Premier League have the chance to create and manage virtual gaming teams that compete against other adversarial teams. Users will need to buy an NFT pass in order to compete, and this will get them access to a budget that will let them develop and administer their teams. The fact remains that none of these are yet-to-be-released planned products. On the Battle of Infinity Roadmap, they are dispersed instead.

Technical 3.5/5


Battle Infinity is marketed as being a more dependable and safe platform in contrast to Axie and its vulnerability to hacking and technological issues. One of the most well-known ID verification platforms in the market, Coinsniper, has certified IBAT for know-your-customer (KYC) resiliency. Investors can invest in the asset without being concerned about scams or other illegal activity. With a player stake system and a database of data on revenues and activities, the game is also aiming to provide full transparency to online gaming. Increased transparency is a key requirement for the majority of gamers today; trust should follow. Additionally, benefited by its Indian base, is Battle Infinity. The nation is home to a wealth of blockchain talent and programmers who will contribute their expertise to support the expansion of Battle Infinity. It is one of the global IT capitals.

Native tokens will be exchanged by players via Battle Swap, IBAT's DEX. They can also access the Battle Market, which allows IBAT users to buy essential in-game items, including avatars, weapons, and goods. Along with Battle Market, gamers may also check out Battle Arena and Battle Games, the former of which enables users to search the in-game metaverse and communicate with other players, and the latter of which enables users to access numerous NFT games. 

Battle Infinity also boasts its Battle Stake feature, which is a premium feature. Users will be able to stake their IBAT assets and earn higher dividends as a result. Not least among these opportunities is the IBAT Premier League, which gives users the chance to create and manage virtual gaming teams that will compete against rival teams. Users who want to compete will need to buy an NFT pass in order to earn a budget that will let them develop and govern their teams. Six separate products make up the Battle Infinite platform as discussed in the branding section, which is created in such a way as to create a seamless ecosystem that is effective, practical, and simple to use.

Metaverse Applications

The capacity of Battle Infinite to include the metaverse will be another intriguing feature. The idea, which gained traction less than a year ago, is now one of the key areas of concentration for tech companies all around the world, including those in the cryptocurrency industry. By the third stage of the project's development, the creators of Battle Infinity have stated that they intend to try and create a metaverse. Gamers will have more opportunities to wander, play games, and earn money by completing specific tasks in this metaverse. Systems like Decentraland and The Sandbox are spearheading this portion of the metaverse market, which has already seen significant success. The goal of Battle Infinity is to take the world by storm.

Crypto Related

IBAT, the project's native currency, is a BEP-20 token on the BSC chain.

Similar to other alternative coins like Polygon that also have a 10 billion maximum supply, IBAT will have a total quantity of 10 billion IBAT tokens. The Battle Swap DEX, a decentralised exchange built into every Battle Infinity game arena, will allow players to exchange their in-game IBAT tokens for any other currency. The other option is for players to store their IBAT tokens and stake them for more in-game rewards.

You can start locking and holding coins to stake for a predetermined amount of time that will be disclosed by us thanks to the auto staking option. Depending on how long they hold the locked tokens, the user receives a return on their investment. There is a feature called auto liquidity. This feature will assist in bringing stability to the price of our coin by automatically injecting liquidity into the liquidity pool. A small amount of tax will be imposed on each transaction thanks to the auto tax function, which will be utilised for future ecosystem development, auto liquidity, and autostaking. Thanks to the anti-bot feature, bots cannot interfere with the price movement of our tokens. To keep the price floor in place, the anti-dump feature will reduce the urge to "sell." This precaution is being taken to protect the capital of all holders.


However, play-to-earn games like Battle Infinity are the main targets for hackers worldwide because they are simple to hack through the decentralised wallet they are using to transact the coins to and from the platform. As Battle Infinity is still in its early stages, there are no major security concerns at this time. Millions of dollars were erased from user wallets in games like Axie Infinity last year as a result of significant hacks, leaving no evidence. Therefore, it is important to adhere to 2FA best practises and secure your decentralised wallets with more advanced security measures so that transactions can proceed quickly without being slowed down by hackers or other external bugs/vulnerabilities.

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