How to increase our security in the space of DeFi and digital currencies


With the ever-increasing growth of the crypto field, new projects are introduced every day and attract a lot of users and funds by providing different services. One of the most used and popular areas of the crypto field is DeFi or decentralized finance.

Since DeFi is directly and indirectly related to users' assets, it attracts the attention of many bad actors. So that billions of dollars were stolen by hackers and these bad actors in 2022. Many of these attacks were related to vulnerabilities in the code of smart contracts, but some of them were directly related to the actions of users. However, users can take steps to increase their security in the crypto space.

How to increase our security in the space of DeFi and digital currencies

1. Using secure and non-custodial wallets: This method is done by creating a secure digital wallet to store digital currencies and transfer them to others. It is better to use safe, reliable and non-custodial wallets. Avoid lesser-known wallets and try to always use non-custodial wallets. Non-custodial means that the custody of your assets is not in the possession of a specific company, foundation or exchange.

2. Use the two-step authentication feature:As with other digital spaces, you can use the two-step authentication feature to enter a one-time-use code (OTP) in addition to your password when logging into your digital wallet. It will be sent with you. Or you can use two-step verification software such as Google Authenticator.

3. Keep a strong password:Use a password that includes numbers, upper and lower case letters, special characters, and sufficient length, and use a separate password for each account. Remember your password and do not save it in online spaces and browsers.

4. Make sure cryptocurrency sites are authenticated:Make sure the sites you use to buy and sell cryptocurrencies are verified and legitimate.

5. Software and operating system updates: Always update your wallet, operating system and software to get the latest technologies and security patches.

6. Use of anti-virus software:Anti-virus software helps you stay safe from malicious attacks.

7. Beware of phishing sites:Before using the site of exchanges and smart contracts such as decentralized exchanges, make sure that their web address is correct.

8. Don't connect your wallet to any website: Many smart contracts are designed in such a way that you have to connect your personal wallet to the contract in order to use them. Ensure the security of the desired site and remove your wallet from the smart contract after you are done.

9. Use secure connections: Always use secure connections such as secure Wi-Fi and HTTPS servers and avoid public and unsecured connections.

Protect your wallet passphrase:Do not save your wallet passphrase online, cloud spaces, phone gallery, etc. and if needed, just write it down on paper and keep it somewhere thanks for reading .

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