How to Write Articles and Blog Posts on LBRY

Hey everyone, this is another quick video to show you how to do something cool: Publish articles on LBRY! Until recently you had to write a text file, save that with a .md extension, and upload it. But now, on, you can write and publish an article right there.

Here’s how to do it.

Go to, click on the upload button, click “upload”, and at the top select “post”. Then you can add a title and start writing. Note that LBRY posts are written with Markdown formatting, and if you’re not familiar with that you can click the little help button to open up a Markdown guide.

Some of the basics are: single star before and after does italics, double does bold, any number of hash signs followed by a space create a heading, putting a word in brackets followed by a web address in parentheses creates a link, and doing the same thing except using the word “image” with an exclamation point before the first bracket creates an image.

Once you’re done you can click on the eye button to preview, and click upload to publish.

LBRY is a great platform for content creators who want to publish somewhere they can’t be taken down, throttled, or demonetized, but tends to favor video creators. Now writers can easily use the platform as well. If you publish elsewhere, this is a great way to make a backup in case your site gets taken down or has technical difficulties, or to reach a new audience.

Go ahead and try it out, and welcome to censorship resistant publishing!


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