Cryptocurrency Analyst Davinci Jeremie Has YouTube Channel Deleted

Cryptocurrency Analyst Davinci Jeremie Has YouTube Channel Deleted

By TheDesertLynx | Digital Cash Network | 29 Sep 2020


Cryptocurrency analyst Davinci Jeremie has had his YouTube channel deleted over unspecified reasons related to community guidelines. This comes as the latest in a string of channel deletions/demonetizations of cryptocurrency educators, and presents an opportunity for the rise of decentralized alternatives.

This week, Jeremie, a cryptocurrency analyst and trader behind trading service Pandora's Walletposted on Twitter that his YouTube channel had been suspended permanently. At time of suspension, the channel claimed an estimated about 82,000 subscribers and about 5.68 million total views.

Crypto YouTubers as frequent censorship/demonetization targets

Jeremie's channel suspension marks the latest in a series of high-profile channel deletions and demonetizations of cryptocurrency-related content. Naomi Brockwell, Tone Vays, BTC Sessions, Ivan on Tech, Rodrigo AmbrissiRice Crypto, and Ben Swann have all experienced censorship or demonetization in some form recently. In many cases these creators may rely on income from their YouTube channel to supplement their livelihood.

The rapid rise of viable YouTube alternatives

The recent growth in restrictive actions taken by YouTube has led to a surge in popularity of alternatives, including decentralized or otherwise structurally censorship-resistant platforms. Popular alternative video site BitChute has grown from about 15.4 million monthly visitors in March to about 31.6 million in August., a web portal for the LBRY decentralized protocol, grew from about 960,000 visitors in March to about 4.05 million in August. The LBRY team also released Odysee, a new web portal for the same content targeted at attracting less technical users, this month in a bid to provide a more directly-targeted YouTube competitor.

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