Bitcoin (XBT/USD - BitMex) - Rejection!

Bitcoin (XBT/USD - BitMex) - Rejection!

By milionarioo | DigiNomic | 17 May 2020

The laterality continues, with firm rejection by the offer: directional candle yesterday (it has flooded the last green candle in its entirety), and today an absorbed attempt to recover support at 9500.
This determines, albeit slightly. a lower high.

What remains to be seen is where the low will be.

- Higher Low: Triangular lateralization, fair probability of accumulation
- Equal Low (rebound on 8550-8750): Descending triangle, greater risk of breakdown
- Lower Low: Continuation of the reversal

The scenarios remain those designated the last few times: coverage SHORTS or accumulative LONGs on the supports to descend, depending on your current exposure and your exposure target.

We will update tomorrow, towards the closing of the weekly candle!




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