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By Teresa1995 | DigiLife | 10 Feb 2021

Making money by playing? At first glance, it seems that this is unrealistic and more like a prank? However, in our time, this way of earning is not only real, but also quite developed.

Economic games with the possibility of withdrawing funds appeared relatively recently, but have already won the hearts of many active users of the Internet space. Games of this kind are not only a simple, interesting and fun way to brighten up your leisure time, but also a very profitable system for increasing your free funds, enjoying the process itself.


Today, one of the most popular is the investment game Money Birds, the essence of which is easy to guess just by reading a funny slogan: “Make money on your eggs”.

CoinFarm is A hybrid game offers decent rewards by collecting eggs from birds, both for newbies and investors. Newbies can receive a free bird. For those, who can’t get enough of the game, may invest for higher returns.

  • Accepted Payment Method: Payeer, Bitcoin, Visa and Mastercard

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  • Withdrawal Methods: Various withdrawal methods (e.g. Paypal, Bitcoin)

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  • Withdrawal Threshold: only 0.04 USD (using Payeer)

Details on how to earn money from Coin-Farm:

* Users have to buy Birds and collect eggs from them at the Eggs warehouse.

* Sell these eggs in return for silver coins.

* Silver coins are split amongst two balances: one to buy birds at 70% spread, and the other to withdraw them to real money at 30% spread.

Tips and advice:

* Enter the site only once a day and do the following.

It takes you about 1 minute:

- claim the Daily Bonus (The sum of the bonus is generated randomly

from 10 to 100 silver coins.)

- Collect the eggs from the Eggs warehouse.

- Sell these eggs to get silver

- Buy Birds by the earning silver

- Check the 1st balance and see if you can buy birds

- Check the 2nd balance and see if you can withdraw something (the minimum withdraw with payeer is only $0.04)


How to get unlimited withdrawals from CoinFarm?!

Invite only from 5 to 7 active referrals through your referral link.

That’s it! and enjoy your earning daily and for life time.

“Because Most players feel no need in gold after having invited only 5–7 active referrals”. Paragraph of the rules.



Money birds is extremely simple: you need to buy birds, wait for them to lay eggs, collect them and exchange them for the game's currency - "silver", which can later be converted into real money. The exchange rate is set as follows:


  • 1 ruble \u003d 100 silver coins
  • 1 "silver" \u003d 100 eggs.


Upon registration, each newbie has a bonus in the form of 1000 coins, and it is they that will serve as a start in your gaming career and will allow you to earn the first "silver" without investing anything. The amount of 1000 coins is enough to buy one bird - green, it will carry 66 eggs per hour to its owner, which is relatively small and not enough for quick enrichment, therefore the game has thought out the possibility of replenishing the balance.



By replenishing your balance, you will not only be able to buy more expensive and productive birds, but also get a bonus in the amount of 25% to 200%, as a pleasant surprise from the developers of this game. The accrued bonus can also be spent on the purchase of new birds, thereby increasing the number of eggs for sale.


As for the varieties and productive qualities of all birds, the next ones after the green ones are:

  • Yellow Money Birds, their cost is 5000 silver coins (equivalent to 50 rubles), such birds are capable of laying 348 eggs per hour. Their lifespan is 110 days.



  • Brown Money Birds, their cost is 60,000 silver (600 Russian rubles), fertility - 4200 eggs per hour, lifespan - 110 days.



  • Blue Money Birds, which cost you 140,000 coins (total: 1,400 rubles), their productivity is 10,000 eggs per hour, and the life time is also 110 days.



  • Red, the most expensive and, as a result, prolific Money birds, the cost of which is 420,000 "silver", laying 30,000 eggs per hour, with a lifespan like all other birds - 110 days.




The amount of the deposit you make also affects a significant role, depending on the balance on the account, you can count on various gifts from the organizers. For example, having replenished the balance by 200 rubles, two more green birds can be transferred to your personal use as a bonus.

How much can you earn at Money Birds?

Let's take a look at specific examples how much you can earn in the Money Birds game and convert all earnings into rubles.


Let's start with green birds. One such bird is worth 1,000 silver. Let me remind you that 1 ruble equals 100 silver. Thus, a green bird costs 10 rubles.

She brings 66 eggs per hour, that is, 1584 eggs per day. 1 unit of silver is equal to 100 eggs, which means that it brings 15 silver per day. It will be 450 silver or 4.5 rubles per month.

It turns out that the profitability of the cheapest bird is 45% per month. But keep in mind that when you withdraw money, only 50% goes to your personal wallet, and the remaining 50% goes to your account for purchases, that is, you can use them only for reinvestment. So the real return on green birds is 22.5% per month.


Now let's consider the most expensive birds - red ones. They cost 420,000 silver or 4,200 rubles. Such a bird brings 30,000 eggs per hour or 720,000 per day. This equals 7,200 silver.

For a month, such a bird brings 216,000 silver or 2,160 rubles, which equals 51.5% of the cost of the bird. We divide this amount by 2 and get 25.7% - this will be the maximum monthly profitability in the game.


Thus, the Money Birds game allows players to receive monthly returns ranging from 22.5% to 25.7% per month.



With the following statistics (taken from the official website

  • Total participants in the game Money Birds - 1,389,334 people
  • New participants in 24 hours - 652 people
  • Account (Online): 117 people
  • Total paid: 108526163 rubles
  • Money Birds game reserve: 50 169 112 rubles


I will also add a few important statistical nuances from myself:

  • Money Birds game was launched on May 10, 2014 and since then it has been working steadily and pays money
  • The official website daily visits 30-40 thousand people. That is, this is the audience that takes an active part in the development of the project.
  • When you register in the Money Birds game, you get 1000 silver, which is enough to buy the first bird, then this economic game provides a free entrance. True, it is not known how much you can earn without investing and without inviting anyone, but we will calculate this further in the review about Money Birds.



The motto of the game: "Money Birds - make money on your eggs." He also explains the essence of the game - after registration you buy birds that lay eggs. Then you sell eggs and get money that you can withdraw. There are several nuances that made the conclusion game money money Birds popular:

  • The egg warehouse on the official website is designed for uninterrupted collection of eggs for 2 days. Then they must be sold. That is, if you want money, log into the game regularly.
  • For the bonus money received upon registration, you can buy 1 bird that brings 66 eggs per hour (poor bird). 100 eggs from the warehouse are sold for 1 silver, and 100 silver costs 1 ruble. That is, 10,000 \u003d 1 ruble. In general, to earn 1 ruble with free registration in Money Birds it will take you 6 days. The coolest (red) bird costs 4200 rubles and brings 72 rubles per day. During her life of 110 days, she will bring 7920 rubles (minus the contribution of 4200, 3720 rubles remain). That is, the profit from playing Money Birds will be 88% in 110 days, or about 25% per month.


Additionally, you get from the referral program - 20% of the people you invite. Moreover, the referral program is 5-level and from each level you get 20% (as it is written in personal account on the official website That is, in the end, 100%. And at the expense of what, then, do people who simply bought birds receive money and expect a profit? Unclear! Although, most likely, I did not calculate everything, because Money Birds has been working for more than 3 years, which means that the marketing plan in it tends to be perfect!


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Popularity of Money Birds


To conclude our review of Money Birds, we would like to point out several factors:

  • The game has been developing for a long time and is very popular. This can be seen from the Yandex.Wordstat chart above in the review.
  • Economic games with the withdrawal of money are generally very lively. Partly because of the excitement and gambling, and not just because of the contributions. A prime example is. Well, the game itself is Money Birds.
  • The mandatory entry into the game every two days significantly limits the profit of investors, reducing it from a maximum of 25% to 15-20%, and therefore extends the life of the Money Birds game.


In general, at the moment it is still possible to make money on your eggs in Money Birds, but it is likely that interest in the game will pass within 1 to 2 years. I also note that the game is periodically restarted and if you invest money before restarting, you can easily lose it. The last economic game from the same admin -


Internet users can earn on different games... They devote most of their time and effort to this business in order to make good profits in the future. Not so long ago, earning money on Rich birds eggs appeared on the network. And people liked this game so much that they developed a whole system of win-win schemes.



Recently added the ability to get birds for free. For completing simple tasks, animals are given free of charge. But birds are not always valuable, you can get a small amount for them, but they give a chance to play and exchange for a better option.

The site has instructions, so new players can easily start raising their birds. And the administration in every possible way promotes fruitful cooperation.



The game fulfills the conditions for withdrawing money and selling in good faith, but the players themselves make mistakes. They don't want to spend a few minutes reading the rules, they don't believe that money can actually be withdrawn. To do this, you need to understand some points:

  1. The player is confused about such a concept as Cash Points - if there are no points, then you cannot withdraw money on your own, therefore, before registering, you should familiarize yourself with the points collection system. The highest number of points is given after referrals are attracted. Therefore, for convenience, a whole team of players gathers.
  2. Another mistake is collecting birds, which are practically useless. To obtain a large number of silver coins, it is enough to acquire an expensive animal. In the process of attracting people, the balance will be replenished, which means that personal money can not be deposited.
  3. Calculation only on the silver exchange - but this does not give enough Cash Points. It is more difficult to earn money than using an affiliate program. This is due to the low rate. The user will have to deposit a lot of their own funds in order to buy good birds and accumulate enough points.
  4. Using not Payeer, but other payment systems is considered the most common mistake of players. The site allows several options for withdrawing and transferring your money, but the Payeer platform transfers in the shortest possible time and takes practically no commission. It is enough to acquire this wallet in order to further withdraw money to the card.



If you look at the reviews about the game Rich Birds, then there are no system ones: the site works without interruption, withdraws money on time, answers users' questions. But as the game progresses, people do not notice how wrong they are. Some may argue that it is difficult or unprofitable to make money. However, if you put in the effort, it will pay off.

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