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How to use Publish0x's Ambassador Program

Publish0x's Ambassadors Program is a way for creators to add affiliate links onto the ends of usual URLs and if someone clicks it, you can get many benefits, such as:

  • Earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral.
  • Access to paid/bountied articles first.
  • Free featured article placements.

Visit Publish0x's Ambassadors page to see your ambassador link, it should look like this, '?a=K9b6RGXLbE' you can attach your ambassador link to the end of any article URL whether it's yours or not.

Deeper Tracking IDs

You can generate additional ambassador links with tracking IDs, for example, you can create separate IDs for any purpose such as publish0xblog, anotherblogsite, bannerad, or whatever traffic sources you use using an ID that makes sense to you. Use this to help you see which traffic sources work best for you.

These links can be attached to the end of any Publish0x URL.
You can do this here.


These are designed for website/blog owners there are ranging banner sizes from 160x600 all the way up to 2000x90 you just click the copy code button at the bottom of each banner and add that to your website/blog. When someone clicks on it they get redirected to Publish0x's homepage that has your ambassador link on the end so you can receive rewards.


There are leaderboard for the people with the most amount of referrals, that can be accessed here, you can earn up to $40 if you refer the most amount of people!

Website Widgets

This is another type of ad similar to the Banners, but this will show blogs instead and if someone is on your website/blog and clicks it, they are immediately sent to that blog via your referral link, so when click tip and sign up, you will receive 5% on both the money made by the author AND the referral. This can be accessed here.


Some of the above information was sourced directly from the Publish0x's Ambassadors page it's self.
All links above include ambassador links added to the end, this is to help support me
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