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Give Yourself a Break

By EnkeDemoiselle | Did you know? | 5 Feb 2021


Give yourself a break. Because it seems like everyone is forgetting about themselves these days. 


Everyone deserves a break. For those students who are struggling in their modules and requirements but still chooses to go on, you need a break. For those hard-working fathers who keep putting their life at risk despite this pandemic just to support their families, you need a break. For those mothers who are tired of doing the household chores while taking care of their family, you need a break. For those teachers who are doing everything to understand and help their students pass, you need a break. For the medical doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff including the security and janitors, who are doing their job despite of danger, you need a break. Everyone who struggles for the past months and for those who are still struggling, give yourself a big break.

Loving yourself doesn’t give you harm. Making yourself breathe even just for a day won’t make you poorer. We are all precious. Either a fetus, an infant, a teenager, a student, a worker, an adult, a parent, or even a grandparent are all had an equal worth in this world. Don’t dwell too much on making money, stress, and otherworldly problems.

If you feel like you’ve been into something heavy for the past months—projects, school problems, family problems, etc., then give yourself a break. Take a day to relax. You don’t have to go on a beach, massage parlors, or anywhere that can cost you a lot. Stop thinking about anything other than yourself even just for a day, and trust me you would live a little longer.

You can enjoy yourself even when you’re just in your house. Stop doing the things you always and usually do and try doing something new. How about watching some TV while having some popcorn? Or put some hammock in your backyard and sleep there for as long as you want? Or try planting, study says plants relieves stress. Why don’t you make your garden beautiful? Or try meditating on some hill or near the shore away from your home? You can also play with your kids or pets if you have one. Or spend time with your friends and talk about random stuff or funny memories in your youth.


Because did you know that laughing extends our lives, nourish our brain, strengthen our hearts, and makes us younger? Yes, it does. A life that’s been lived is a life that’s been loved, so don't forget to love your life. If you don’t want to die early, then as early as now learn to give yourself a break. Even diets have cheat days, right? So why won’t you also give that to yourself? There are so many things that can make us relax without spending so much. All you have to do is to not think too much.

We only live ones, so why spend it all in worrying about your problems? They are called problems because they have solutions. If you can’t find an answer to that problem then maybe there’s an error. You don’t have to complicate anything. Problems without a solution is an error, while problems with a solution are still problems, so why complicate yourself? 

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I'm 21 years of age and a normal college student who's doing everything I can to survive and support myself in my own little way.

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