AAVE, a tradable token on Bityard has become one of the trending Decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol. AAVE in general is a Digital money-market where investors can deposit or borrow/lend from a comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies.

This article contains all you need to know about AAVE coin and also how to trade AAVE on Bityard.

Introduction to AAVE;


AAVE also referred to as “The Ghost-coin”, is an open-source Ethereum based Decentralized-finance lending protocol, that allows users to send, lend, borrow and deposit cryptocurrencies, using either Stable or variable interest rates.

The history of AAVE network can be dated as far back as 2017, following the launch of ETHLend by Stani kulechov (CEO) and Jordan Lazaro Gustave (COO), Both of whom retained their roles as CEO and COO respectively at AAVE network, following the closure of ETHLend back in January 2020.

Users of the AAVE protocol can create their own Decentralized money market using the Ethereum Blockchain on the AAVE network.


What is the native token for the AAVE network?
The native token for the AAVE network is the AAVE TOKEN,

NB; - The AAVE token is built using the ERC-20 standard.
AAVE tokens are used for voting on AAVE improvement Proposals (APIs).
AAVE transactions within its network attracts fee reduction (Discount up to 60%).

The AAVE network protocol is fully Governed by AAVE-Holders.

he AAVEUSDT is the tradable pair of AAVE on Bityard.


Below are the key features that differentiates AAVE network from other Lending Services;


Unlike most lending services that operate behind closed-doors, AAVE leaves everything on the blockchain open for all to see.


Transaction involving AAVE is Decentralized and devoid of middle-man, also no KYC or Anti Laundering (AML) Documentation is required.

Favorable and flexible interest rate options;

The AAVE algorithm offers the best available interest rate, users can also migrate between different fee structure (Stable and variable interest rates).

Wide variety of cryptocurrency lending selection;

AAVE offers an extensive cryptocurrency lending pool. At the moment, the network currently supports 20 different assets; Basic Attention (BAT), Marker (MKR), Kyber Network (KNC), ChainLink (LINK). Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), True USD (TUSD), Dia stablecoin (DAI), Synthetix Network (SNX), Wrapped Bitcoin (Wbtc), etc.

Flash Loans;

the flash loan option is one of the key features that differentiates AAVE from other lending protocols.
AAVE changed the concept of “DIGITAL LENDING” when they introduced The Flash Loan to the digital money market system.
The flash loan enables users to borrow or take loan from the AAVE reserve pool without any collateral.

NB; The flash Loan must be repaid in time before the end of next Ethereum blockchain mining. AAVE charges 0.03% fee for the Flash Loan service.

Non- Custodial network protocol;

AAVE network never keep possession of user’s cryptocurrency directly, users still retain ownership of their crypto-assets. This feature makes AAVE network less hackable target since there is no available wallet with user’s fund.


AAVE partners with Consesnys Diligence and Cerota one of the leading companies in automatic verification technologies.
Verifications on the AAVE network is automatic, highly secure and user friendly.



AAVE Price Statistics
Aave Price $487.45 (Aave Price Today)
24h Low / 24h High $401.60 /$494.32
Trading Volume 24h $1,268,638,220.0
Market Rank #16
Aave Market Cap
Market Cap $6,033,604,094.61
Fully Diluted Market Cap $7,793,404,388.88



AAVEUSDT pair can be traded on the world leading crypto/Derivative trading platform Bityard, other platforms include; Okex, Binance, Bitex etc.


Most traders prefer to trade AAVE on Bityard and here are the reasons.

User friendly interface;

Bityard makes use of an advanced, lag-free, concise and User friendly UX/UI technology, giving the least experienced trader the best cryptocurrency trading experience.
Bityard also incorporates “The trading view chart” into their platform, thereby enabling traders analyze each tradable pair thoroughly.

Trading Fee;

Bityard charges the lowest transaction fee of 0.05%, compared to the industry standard transaction fee of 0.07-0.1% charged by others.

Instant Filling of orders;

Trades executed on Bityard’s contract-trading and spot exchange are instantly filled at the best market price for proper execution.

Highly regulated;

Bityard is well regulated by both international and local authorities, Bityard remains one of the best trading platform allowed in the United states.
Leverage market;
Bityard offers as high as x50 Leverage for the AAVEUSDT pair, Investors with less capital can capitalize on this great opportunity.

High market Trading volume;

Bityard is ranked as one of the trading companies with a very high market trading volume, this actually means that many people are trading on Bityard.
A high market volume ensures that users are always available to match with numerous orders (buying or selling) from others.




The following are the various trading options available for the AAVEUSDT pair on Bityard;




The AAVEUSDT is one of the tradable pairs on the world leading Crypto/Derivative trading platform Bityard.
AAVEUSDT contract trading on Bityard involves speculating the direction of price movement of the AAVEUSDT pair within an estimated time (i.e whether the price goes up or down). Profit from this type of trading is based on the settled difference between the opening and closing prices.

NB; To be able to trade, investors need to register on Bityard (usually requires less than 30 secs). following registration, investors need to make deposit into their Bityard Accounts by;

- Selecting deposit on my Assets page.
- Selecting the desired currency in the Currency Option.
- Copy the displayed deposit address or QR code on the right side.

Finally, Deposit into the copied currency address.

NB; - Deposit the right cryptocurrency into its own address.
-Deposit addresses may change, so always confirm deposit wallet address on the deposit page before each deposit.

Boom!!! you are now eligible to trade the AAVEUSDT pair on Bityard.



AAVEUSDT spot exchange on Bityard platform involves, the instant direct exchange of AAVE (at its current market price) with another coin (usually USDT), The spot exchange is usually an instant trade.
Investors can either sell or hold the purchased AAVE coin.

The spot exchange option is not yet available for mobile users; mobile Users have to change their mobile browser into the Desktop version so as to be able to make use of the spot exchange on Bityard.

NB; bityard remains one of the trading platform that charges a very low transaction fee for spot trading.



To trade AAVEUSDT pair using “The copy trade package” on Bityard, investors have to navigate to the copy trade area on the website, then follow any of the traders who trades the AAVEUSDT pair.

Investors can also become traders for others to copy from on Bityard.
copy trading on Bityard enables novice or investors who are too occupied to trade and make profits, these investors in turn pay a little percentage from the profit they have realized from the trade to the traders they copy.



AAVE is the native coin of the AAVE Network, AAVE allows users to earn interest while lending and borrowing crypto assets. Bityard offers the best trading option for AAVE coin
investors can contract trade, spot trade or copy trade AAVEUSDT pair on Bityard.

Unlike other trading platforms, Bityard offers the best leveraged, lower transaction fee and user friendly market for traders.
The well detailed and organized user-friendly trading interface on Bityard takes trading to another level.
To trade AAVEUSDT pair on Bityard click here.

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