The kind of customer service I want to solve the kind of confusion I don't want.

By Dibbler | Dibblers Dabbles | 2 May 2021 just blew me away. No joke. Recently I decided to give them a try and I staked one of their cards- a Ruby Steel. The process was straightforward enough and everything is all set. The card has been "issued" but not yet shipped. It's been about 10 days or so and I've been exploring the app more, their defi wallet, and wishing I had gone for a Jade green instead- one tier higher. So after a little research in the documents and the web in general I've discovered that I can upgrade my card, stake the additional CRO and get access to the better rewards of the Jade tier instead but I don't see anywhere in the app to do this. I open up a customer service chat from within the app and very quickly get a response from a bot. I asked something like "Where can I upgrade my card in the app?" and the bot replied with "Which card tier do you want to upgrade to?" and then offered clickable options for each card tier. I clicked the Jade green card and the bot then tells me that the upgrade request is being processed and in the meantime I can stake the additional CRO needed for that tier. Awesome! I have more questions though because I'm not 100% that the address they have is right, and I want to know if I have to pay a fee to issue the jade card since my ruby one hasn't shipped out yet. The bot can't answer these questions and tells me that I will get an email from the team to figure out the address etc. Still... good bot! I back out of the chat and go looking in the app for where to stake my CRO- in my head I have to stake it separately from the earn program but I don't see any other options to stake so I head back to the card tab and do some more reading. I find a card customer service number at the bottom of the short form disclosure for my card and decide to call since I already tried the chat channels. I'm not holding out much hope because its Sunday afternoon and I don't feel like waiting around on hold. 

It takes less than a minute and I'm talking to someone. Less. Than. A. Minute. On. Sunday. I explain what's going on. I've staked for a lower tier card that is issued but not shipped, I want to upgrade, not sure where to stake additional CRO, not sure about address etc. The customer service rep listens and then asks me why I want to upgrade my card. I explain that I want the additional cashback bonus, the additional 2% in earn, the Netflix rebate, and that I hoped I could upgrade before the original card is shipped so I don't have to wait longer. 

And then he blew up my brain.

He explains that the reason he asked is because the tier of card only affects 2 things- the airport lounge access, and the limits on the card(things like how much you can withdraw from an atm per day before fees kick in) ALL OF THE REST OF THE BENEFITS I WANT ARE STAKING REWARDS. I don't need to upgrade the card at all in order to get additional returns in earn, or the extra cashback, or the Netflix rebate. I just need to stake the appropriate amount of CRO to get all of those things. I was understandably surprised by this because most of their advertising makes it seem like the card tiers are linked to the reward tiers and you need the right card to get access to those rewards. So I asked about it and he apologized and said that they are looking to change their advertising and info pages to reflect this because it has caused a lot of confusion. If I had not called to ask these questions I would have gone ahead and upgraded to an admittedly nicer looking card, but because my ruby steel has already been issued and is just waiting to be shipped they would have had to cancel that one first and then issue the jade green afterwards. Since I don't care about the airport lounge access and the limits on my ruby card are far more than I should ever need already there's absolutely no reason to go through all of that and I can just increase my stake in earn at my leisure to receive increased returns and cashback! We also go ahead and verify my address and I ask a few other questions about my card such as when will it ship. Apparently all of the cards are made in batches- if the status of a card in the app is "issued" then your card has physically been made already and is awaiting the completion of the rest of the batch to be shipped. It could ship today or it could be 2 weeks. I am pretty pleased with the whole customer service experience on the phone and thank him for explaining everything so thoroughly. I tell him I will be recommending people call if they have questions about their card rather than going through the app.

This is the kind of confusion and miscommunication that I see a lot of in the crypto world. I don't think that they intentionally misled people when building their website, they probably just wanted to make the program seem as straightforward as possible. It is actually an incentive for people to get into if they know they can get a basic card and earn the better rewards over time after they've tested the app out and/or have increased their crypto holdings. It's unfortunate that they messed this up because I am certain many other people have fallen victim to the same confusion as I.

I cannot stress enough how good it felt to call a number on a Sunday and be answered in mere moments by someone who knew what they were talking about, laid it all out in front of me and explained the way the different tiers and staking rewards worked. Without trying to influence my decision either. I am impressed. Customer service like that makes up for mistakes made in advertising or marketing. I don't believe in the customer is always right fantasy. But I do believe that customers have a right to know what they are signed up to and have access to that kind of necessary support. Often this kind of customer service and support is missing in the cryptocurrency universe so deserves some credit. I'm satisfied that if I have other problems I can call and get answers. To anyone else with questions about the cards or staking tiers skip the autobot chat- though that experience was pretty solid too.


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