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Diary of a Blockchain Fan – November 25th 2021


I have been ploughing through the old Twitter feed today, keen to keep an eye on a couple of airdrops I am lined up for and anything else of interest, of which there always seems to be much. One project I bumped into for the first time and will be looking into more deeply is Likecoin, a provider of decentralised publishing infrastructure. I’ve only had time for a cursory glance so far but as someone who writes and publishes both fiction and non-fiction across an array of platforms I am definitely interested in finding out more. Expect a fuller update from me on this one at a later date.


An Airdrop with a Bumpy Landing

I’ve mentioned a few times in this series of posts that one of my favourite ecosystems is Cosmos and that one of the benefits of holding ATOM and related coins is the occasional free airdrop from new projects launching over there. One such is Desmos, which has been building up to its big day very nicely for a while now, only to encounter issues with the claim process. Ugh! They have reacted quickly to roll out an alternative claim method but, all the same, they’ve left a bad taste in the mouth of some followers, especially with their initial request for a claimer’s seed phrase. Oh dear, not really the thing to do.


Fortunately, they seem to have a decent size pool of good will to call on, which has seen some community members rallying to their side, but it just goes to show how easily things can go wrong and the reputational damage that can result.


I wish them the best and will be leaving it a day or several before I look to claim my free DSM coins in the hope that the gremlins will have been evicted by then.



Hot off the press, the second Polkadot parachain slot has been won by Moonbeam. Not really a big surprise given the level of support it has enjoyed since the auctions started, which saw it run Acala close for the first slot award. A fine project this one that has been attracting a lot of attention. Pleased to say it was one of those I backed.



Until tomorrow…

Renaissance Man


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* * *


Why this Diary?

I thought it might be an interesting exercise, as much for myself as anyone else, to keep a diary of my interests and activities in the land of the blockchain and all things crypto, so I’m going to give it a go at writing a short diary entry each day for the current month, November 2021. It will give me something to look back on and assess and it might offer up some entertainment and topics of interest to anyone who happens to read it.


The Usual Disclaimer

Please don’t take any of the above as financial or investment advice. It is intended to be nothing other than a little entertainment and information sharing. Always, but always, do your own research before committing your money to anything.



A version of this post originally appeared on my Read.Cash blog and may also be found on other similar sites.




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Renaissance man
Renaissance man

Renaissance man, interested in just about anything and everything, from the blockchain/crypto to investing to gardening to writing to space exploration to the natural world to the human brain and chocolate.

Diary of a Blockchain Fan
Diary of a Blockchain Fan

Each day for one glorious month (November 2021) I will be sharing a diary style post of my activities and encounters in the world of the blockchain.

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