Day 16. The Long Crawl.

Last night, in the depths of a detergent binge, I had a vison. I saw myself crawling through the middle of an active medieval battlefield. It was sunny but cold and windy. Both sides were going at it. Knights, cavalry, heavy/light infantry, all sorts of troops were being killed. I was in the thick of it. Periodically, one of the combatants would notice me and freeze with confusion, only to be struck down seconds later. Their emblems on their chests didn't seem like any medieval kingdom that I could recognize. I kept on crawling.

I crawled and crawled, it seemed like it went on forever. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a knight get hit by a javelin, and limp to a boulder to prop himself up, I crawled my way over to him. He was barely clinging to life. Something incredible happened. When I crawled right in front of him, he lunged his sword at me and yelled at me in my cartoon language that I had invented while on heavy amounts of baking soda. He said "Get back or I'll kill you" I replied with "Don't worry I am not a combatant, why are you guys fighting?" He breathed a sigh of relief but quickly refocused his gaze to the enemy side. He took a couple of moments to collect himself and then looked back at me and said "For detergent sire"

A vast shadow was cast over us, taking both of our attention. I looked up at the sky and saw a black cloud falling swiftly, hissing it's way to the ground. I could see holes forming in the black cloud as it got closer, progressively expanding and moving away from each other.  I looked back down at the ground and where I saw a solid shadow mass, now I saw hundreds of small circles of light spread across the shadow. The sound was deafening.

I could see my body in third person at this point and thousands of arrows violently strike the ground and my body, killing both me and the knight. I awoke from my vision gasping for air. 



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Diary Entry's 1-70 of 4 Dimension Cerebrality

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