Saying Thanks to the Prime Minister’s Wife

By cryotosensei | diaperfinancingfund | 30 Jan 2022

e2f550326b0e9375257b35e422db5db0bd9de1a95d70aa54666a0e74ea8cecfa.jpgSometimes, a golden opportunity falls on my lap and I just need to grab it by the horns.

“You are writing a thank-you message to the Prime Minister’s wife today. Let’s thank her for the oranges and bag,” I sagely announced. The girls who were already conscientious in the first place seemed to write their message in neater handwriting than usual. The hyperactive boys actually finished this task without fuss. (I’m sorry for perpetuating gender stereotypes but it’s what it is.) I was certainly all fired up, trying to catch as much missing capitalisation and punctuation as I could. Easily the easiest 15 minutes I have spent with this class so far.

“We should write ‘Happy New Year’!” Boxer Boy raised his hand to suggest. I answered enthusiastically, “For sure!” and wrote it on the board, kicking myself inwardly that I was too preoccupied to think about writing this phrase. Then again, I ought to be proud, for didn’t this boy exercise some thinking and fulfill the Context component of PAC every self-respecting English teacher ought to drill into their students.

So I hope they felt good about their writing attempt. I certainly felt some satisfaction, for this lesson provoked me to learn how to use the office scanner.

Happy New Year!


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