It’s my birthday!

By cryotosensei | diaperfinancingfund | 30 Aug 2023

It’s my birthday today!

Yes, I know I’m probably the coolest teacher you will ever meet. But I’m not beneath shamelessly declaring my hatch day to all and sundry so that I might get less drama from my students on the actual day. Yes, when you are in the trenches, you will do whatever is necessary to help you survive yet another hectic work day.

I didn’t expect that someone would coordinate with her mum to get me a birthday cake. That was nice.


Though honestly, I was more bowled over by their whiteboard card than the cake. Since I have been teaching the class about love languages, I casually commented to the other Form Teacher, “Actually, words of affirmation are my love language.” I soaked in their whiteboard masterpiece and eagerly asked, “Wah! Who was the one who spelt ‘appreciate’?”


Unfortunately, my Form Teacher burst my bubble by revealing that he had been the one who spelt the word for my students upon request.

But my unanswered hope for validation arrived later. Subsequently, during the last period, I threw in the word “collaborate” during their spelling to see who could spell it correctly. I think I have only mentioned it once or twice at the start of this term, so I wasn’t expecting anyone to spell it right.

But lo and behold! most of them just scribbled the word without hesitation and actually got the spelling down pat.

Guess they’re learning something from me, even though I don’t exactly know how.


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