Cake DeFi Helps Me Circumvent My Problem With Ampleforth

By cryotosensei | diaperfinancingfund | 27 Nov 2021

Previously, I wrote about my dilemma with the AMPL tokens we receive here at Publish0x. It is well and fine when we transfer these earnings to our Kucoin account but my regular crypto exchange doesn't offer AMPL or even USDT, so I got to convert my miserable AMPL tokens to either BTC or ETH. However, doing so and subsequently withdrawing BTC/ETH will incur a hefty transaction fee, which I failed to take account into. This suggests that by the time I pay the gas fee, I have very little BTC/ETH left. 

Which means that I have been writing almost for free on Publish0x all this while. *Cue horrified scream*

I mean, I love writing and the joy of self-expression is its own reward, but I cannot keep my head buried in the sand and just keep on writing because I have real-world bills to pay.

This was when Cake DeFi came to the rescue. It offered an easy-to-earn, $5 worth of DFI lesson package. I readily completed this lesson and got my KYC verification done to "unlock" this $5.

I subsequently blogged about my first foray into Cake DeFi and miraculously gained two referrals. Only one of them got his/her KYC verification settled. Unfortunately, s/he failed to follow through with a deposit of at least $50 worth of digital assets because I never got any sign-up bonus. Nonetheless, it seemed that I benefitted from his/her sign-up because I received a referral bonus just last week.

Eager to try out if this DFI was legitimate, I went to unstake part of my existing DFI. Coupled with the referral bonus, I immediately transferred this DFI to my Kucoin account through the DFI smartchain network.


Yes, I know it looks pathetic, heh but think about it. If I just allow my free $5 worth of DFI to be staked and grow, it will grow exponentially in time to come, so I just have to "harvest" enough of it and transfer it to Kucoin in order to offset the transaction fee. Particularly so when the rewards get allocated every 12 hours with relatively little delay and amount to an eye-popping 45.5% APY (as of now).  

I have nothing but patience. With the help afforded by Cake DeFi, this means that I can write happily on Publish0x, without worrying about the amount of output I need to churn out in order to defray a demotivating gas fee.

If this proposed solution is something up your alley, Cake DeFi is having a Black Friday promotion from now to 3rd December 2021:


What's more, the hurdle that hinders you from taking the first step has been reduced. Allow me to quote directly from the emailer:

And we have something for your referrals, too! The minimum deposit requirement to receive a welcome bonus has been reduced by 50%. As a result, they just have to deposit $25 in order to receive a $30 bonus. That means that your referrals can easily double their money for becoming Cake DeFi customers (Deposit $25, get a $30 bonus).

So join me at Cake DeFi and let's beat transaction fees together! My referral code is 298646 (


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