5 Reasons to Go Kanazawa, MyUplandCity
Façade of JR Kanazawa Station. All pictures are my own.

5 Reasons to Go Kanazawa, MyUplandCity

For the uninitiated, Upland is an exciting property trading game, much like Monopoly, except that it is built on blockchain technology and involves virtual properties. For those of you who don't have deep pockets for real estate in real life, owning virtual properties could be a feasible way to quench your thirst about owning properties. 

Giving that the Tokyo Olympics are upon us, I think Upland should capitalize on this lifetime opportunity to venture into the East. What better country than the Land of the Rising Sun? Why Kanazawa then? Well, I personally think that a lot has been known about popular cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa, so this could dampen the fun of playing Upland in Kanazawa. 

Kanazawa straddles tradition and modernity seamlessly and could offer players a deep dive into all things that are uniquely Japanese. Here are some reasons why I think Kanazawa should be #MyUplandCity.

1) JR Kanazawa Station is itself a magnificent architectural marvel, with its gigantic wooden torii gate adjoined to futuristic-looking steel beams and interweaving glass. It really showcases to the whole world how Japan integrates its spirituality and modern technology into one awe-inspiring landmark, so I can imagine players fighting tooth and nail to get a piece of the action. I certainly will!

2) Kanazawa City has a rich history to speak of as it was a thriving castle town in the Edo period. Awesomely, its charming and dignified vibes have been retained through streets like Higashi Chaya District. I'm sure that many a player will jump at the opportunity to buy wonderfully preserved merchant stores that are converted to quaint cafes and handicraft shops. Kanazawa boosts many ancient crafts like Wajima lacquerware that is utilized to give cutlery and dishes that extra oomph, gold leaves that you can use to sprinkle onto your food, and exquisite traditional sweets known as wagashi. 

3) Omi-Cho Market presents to players a wide range of fresh, delectable seafood. Given the affinity many Japanese have for eating, you can be sure that your appetite will be whetted as you indulge yourself in a visual feast of juicy, succulent prawns, oysters and sea urchins. Be sure to conquer the restaurants there so that you can pamper yourself with yummy "kaisen don" (seafood with rice). 

4) Kenrokuen Garden enables you to immerse yourself in the warm embrace of Mother Nature since it is among Japan's top 3 gardens. Feel your stresses of gaming melt away as you gaze over painstakingly manicured plants and tranquil pools. One of the best selling points of Japan is its four seasons, so come winter time, expect to see picturesque scenes featuring beautiful snow lying placidly on pine trees!

5) The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art will shatter some of your long-held perceptions about architecture. For one, it is a circular, glass-walled building so that it does not have clearly demarcated entrances and exits. This is to facilitate the creation of an open atmosphere in regards to art. Its exhibits are equally boundary-defying. I bet many users will have fun with an exhibit that gives them the illusion of other people standing inside a swimming pool! Fancy that. 

Suffice it to say that Kanazawa City is oozing with aesthetic sensibilities, rejuvenating greenery and fascinating technology. I really hope that it will make it as #MyUplandCity.

Finally, a selfie of yours truly at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art:


I hope you enjoyed reading about Kanazawa (and by extension, Japan)!


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