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By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 4 Jun 2021

Certainly the wiretaps are out there hoping to steal money and then black mail you.  Even cops could be eyeing your money with envy if they have a wiretap on your Email and your transactions are coming through.  I would be more worried about them then the irs.

One of the things you need to worry about is if the software is good enough to figure out all your transactions both in the wallet and in defi.  If you just have a small number of transactions it's no big deal but for a lot of defi people you can get into the thousands quickly.

I found that it worked well with most exchanges.  Even with privite wallets you can enter in the amounts fairly well. I did end up with one transaction that was just a transfer and not a sale but that is easy to fix

One thing to say about the defi space is that you end up with large numbers of transactions quickly so you need to figure in the cost of software when you are calculating your returns for sure.

One other great feature is you have all of your info in one place so it should make it easier to see what you own and rank it.

$20 off if you try them through the link.


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Dexter's finance musings
Dexter's finance musings

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