30 day farm chart.  The charts may look different from different sources

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By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 4 May 2021

I recently received $2 worth of ifarm tokens from a recent surge in price and some writings.  As of now the listed price is a little over $1.  No worry I am speculating with the houses money without any timeframe for sure 

I decided to look at the chart to see if I could tell where the price may go in the future.  It looks like there is somewhat of a falling wedge structure on my small screen that broke to the downside.  The downward momentum is slowing so there is some chance that the recent contest winners will get their token at close to a low before it bounces off of a rounded bottom.

To be sure it looks like ampl and eth have gone up since the airdrop with some really high estimates by some to where eth prices are going.  The learning experience is probably worth more than the tokens alot of the time.

P2ps real or fake.  I don't see it no i listed anywhere where I can get the money out.  The recent promise that I can buy a comaro if I download some obscure software from Latvia hasn't made me more comfortable.  Everything is possible I suppose and why be in a hurry for something that has almost doubled like eth has.

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Dexter's finance musings
Dexter's finance musings

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