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By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 17 May 2021

  You may have recently seen cake referral ads that promise you $30 in dfi tokens for a deposit of $50 or more in the cake app.  Looking at the rate of return and the cost of moving tokens I decided to move around $100

There are a handful of tokens that are available for lending and or master node shares.  The current line up of coins includes btc and eth yielding 5%, dash 5.4%,  usdt 8% and defi 99.82%.

With a $100 deposit in bitcoin I am going to guess that I break even in a years time on the interest rate and I will get at least 30% in dfi coins.  Dfi coins appear to be violitile and well off of their all time highs.  Apperently the controlling entity is no longer going to stake so that is why the yields are so high.  They will have a fairly high staking value until the overall number of tokens double. I would guess that puts a 60% yield on the upper side of  a flat coin scenario. 

With the current drama of bitcoin and Elan Musk there could be a good chance of a sizable capital gain on your bitcoin (perhaps even a loss in the shorter term) 

The sign up process is more complicated than some.  They do the usual personal information.  They also want a photo of your license front and back, after that they want a kidnapping style photo where you put the date on a paper along with cake with your license and face.  The last thing they need is a copy of a utility bill or a recent bank statement.  Once you go through the hoops you are getting a very good chance of making cash especially at lower dollar amounts like $100.  Remember to use a referral link to sign up to get the full $30.  If you just sign up with them it's only $20 quite a bit of difference in a one year time frame for sure. If you want to sign up through my link it's here 

Cake defi with $30 sign up bonus


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Dexter's finance musings
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