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My journey through crypto...the hard way

A journey of learning worth a thousand miles

Hey what's up guys and how is it going everybody. Hope you have read the previous posts about my first small steps into the crypto world, it is my first step in educating all about cryptos. I have been on a long break from writing a blog due to various commitments keeping up software development, investment, exercising and have even tried public speaking. Yeah I know, I'm a victim of procrastination and by filling my head with some excuses, I'm instead committing to new activities which are much less difficult.  They say persistence is the key to matter how much I dread in committing a difficult task, I need to find a way to get back on track and here I am, writing another blog to fire up my self motivation.

What is bitcoin and does the term blockchain technology interchangeable with bitcoin itself? If I were still studying few years ago, I might still get confused. And I would tell my friend: Bitcoin is blockchain. And after a short moment I asked: Wait, WTH is blockchain anyway? I would laugh at myself when I thought of that past. Through my writing I hoped that everyone would be inspired to teach others, no matter the trade and even on small little things, teach you made a person feel through the values you brought about from teaching. 

Form the right mindset about money first

I would like to advocate serious matters and negative consequences to everyone reading this. It is my way of telling people to take note of any pitfalls and not let greed to lead you on. Money making is all about risk management first, molding the right mindset about money next, before taking actions. With the additional factor known as grit will your financial freedom start "knocking". 

I think I will leave more about the inspirational talk about how to get rich and upgrade your skillsets to get rich to the gurus. Youtube and some self help books have many authors, speakers and business coaches who made a name for themselves. Lewis Howes is one of them, who introduces many keynote speakers to his show and podcasts. Well, that's one way for me to link inspirational stories to these famous people to look up to. 

If reading books spend too much of your time and you find it a chore, you may want to watch video of a summary of different books from Mani Vaya, the founder of 2000 Books and Luke from the Four Minute Books. It helps for learners like me while I'm struggling with different tasks. 

Avoid these pitfalls

Do not borrow money for investment whenever possible. Money is a sensitivity topic, that is because if you associate materialistic stuff with relationships, and the closer group of friends and relatives would kind of "shield" away from you. It all comes down to two things, one is anyone dislikes being taken advantage and the second, money becomes a bargaining chip that questions the authenticity to any relationship.  A way to resolve this is to make sure that you have taken care of their interests and built trust in the relationship with them. Take care of them all the way.  

Fallen to a scam is a barrier and a hurdle to get to your financial goal(s). Because of a scam, your planning might make...a detour or take a longer route. There are various social media platform that these scammers will direct message (DM) you. These includes Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messager, etc. Telegram scams include strangers who act as a support official for the DeFi platform will ask you to pay a fee to access to their platform or strangers. The latest ICOs especially has not been verified by any mainstream platforms like Binance, Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, etc, which have the tokens listed. It is the same as P2P buying and selling as well, make sure to do trading in a reputable platform with support officials to contact in case of a default.  

For myself, I have encountered scammers through my journey of investing, both crypto and fiat currency. I even tried futures and option trading. My first experience with a scam comes from option trading which a person from WeChat who randomly talks to me, and then was sorry to mixed with the wrong guy, told to made friends and asked to trade for quick money. I tried and with his help profited from it but was unable to withdraw the money. To withdraw out, I need to pay hefty tax! That is definitely a red flag and obviously a scam in the making. I was right as the next step when I checked for him, is profile is deleted from WeChat!

More description about the mobile app, it is dubious with no profile description on any social media platform. The app cannot be found in Google and Apple store. A lesson learnt about trusting a platform with lacking of information, including social proof from various social media platform. Luckily, it is a small amount deposited, a lesson learnt through that small amount of deposit.  

That's all folks, I shall proceed with the next content about creating social presence to promote your links. It is an alternative way of if social medias are more acceptable to your tasting. Stay safe!

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New to the world of crypto, a newbie writer, a novice programmer, have strong interest in the ideal financial portfolio, a sucker for self improvement and takes every useful knowledge to heart.

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