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My journey through crypto...the hard way (part 2)

Hey what's up everybody, Dexter here.

If you have read my previous blog which is part 1 and you have never skim through the texts, you may come upon the part of the paragraph where you may start asking why I have included "bitcoin is blockchain" few years ago before my June debut. With zero experience in blockchains and cryptocurrencies, I would assume bitcoin is the parent who creates an ecosystem of various successful projects that has the power to disrupt various industries - I won't go into the various whitepapers. My current post addresses having the right mentality, before wealth is able to come knocking. A way for wealth to come to you includes hard work and utilizing your niche skills, a business setup to help others and make money work for you through investing. That should be the real way of getting rich and just working as an employee never cuts it.

Niche skills are digital skills of the future like digital marketing, programming, web design, blogging, content creation and working as a social media influencer...and the list goes on. 

We ourselves as human beings are constantly distracted, especially when an adult's attention span becomes no more than 8 seconds, according to what research shows.  Distractions without discipline or setting priorities are the number one reason why it becomes harder for anyone to successfully complete a task or in the other words, affected by procrastination. Due to the finite amount of time each person has, we wanted short cuts to the solution of our problems. This is how scammers come into the picture. Unlike business owners for example who provide solutions to others, scammers on the other hand are self serving and will only take care of the victims as it fulfills their purpose of eventually "fished out" their money. 

We are tempted by the promises of getting richer while doing simple things; little do we know that there are devils out there, who had a well crafted plan to exploit the human weakness. Human weakness tend to categorize according to fear and reward as the victim's primary source of motivation. Paired up with the victim's emotions to react with baits or promises of some incentives, the human mind becomes prone of wanting to win from the losses. What are  difference between scammed victims and addicted gamblers? There is none. The only way to get out of such thinking is learning to let go. A loss is already a loss.  

Scammers are getting more educated and sophisticated; scammers do not even need your password, multiple factor passcode to access your account and withdraw your money, they can even act professionally like a real employee, send you information that corresponds to what google finds; the more the facts matches the easier the scammers will convince you.  Coupled with some amount of magic words to demand urgency (for example: "Take note that we have a stipulated timeframe for the transaction to operate...we urged you to comply with...). One more thing, the web interface is now closer to the real thing and with the power of word press, websites can be built faster and seamless. The solution: ask the right support group and gather everyone's feedback who you can trust.

Alright, without further ado I have various apps insights I would like to share. The next subsequent posts will be less heavy I promise :P

Adios, publish0x readers!



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Software Apps/Websites that Earns
Software Apps/Websites that Earns

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