Science and Blockchain
Science and Blockchain

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 4 Oct 2019


Will the Blockchain succeed to make the world a better place? There many expectation about it and a lot of people, of course optimistic ones, are of the opinion that it will happen soon. Science has always been one of those fields that has always been constantly evolving and the various researches that have always been about it have helped it to improve over time. One of the greatest allies he has, is technology, their union and their continuous innovation have always succeeded in making them take giant steps during time.

Decentralized technology could turn out to be one of its greatest strengths, nobody rules it and is available to everyone, this could really prove to be an excellent opportunity to break through the closed gates of the academic world and centralized institutions, which are often more linked to politics and personal interests than to the knowledge progress.

Thanks to the blockchain, scientific research could be helped to be open and transparent, rewarding those who will be able to solve the most complex problems by making sure that the funds now intended exclusively for those who can have the appropriate references, are instead used by everyone. Around the world you can find many excellent minds who, however, do not have access to academic institutions, which are often obsolete, difficult to change and not inclined to change.

The fragmentation and dispersion of funds for research is another of the problems that could be solved, there are many waste that are detected. An encouragement for global collaboration is what is needed to solve it, allowing exchanges of information and knowledge, finally managing to reward those who will reach the final goal.

The solution could be Matryx, a global platform that works on blockchain and that will allow all fans and professionals to access and work on it to make their own contribution.

It’s easy to understand how it works: the problems that need to be solved will be posted and later a virtual reality simulation will be made. These “problems” will be auctioned and subsequent rounds will be developed to provide the answer and try to solve the problem. The blockchain will allow to accurately trace and identify the users that will solve the problem in question and they will be rewarded for their contribution. An example of a problem could be the design of a new spacecraft. Users that will be able to finalize their contribution in a positive way will be paid in crypto-tokens created specifically by the same platform.

A new frontier that the Blockchain will try to reach, a new world of which it can try to change the rules, now considered obsolete.

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