Mon Dieu de la Neige

Mon Dieu de la Neige

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 30 Jul 2019


One day when you wake up you already have the feeling that it will be one of those days that could give you a surprise, but first you have to go around a thousand car dealers because your partner has crashed the car with another one proposing a great classic of life, better known as to add insult to injury. When you least expect it and you have some extra money in your pocket than you would like to put aside, taaaaaaac... the blow comes!

Oh well, let's take it with philosophy, so every fall you have to get up or not!?
So we start and go here and there to see cars, new, used, km 0... all of this happening me that I can not care less about cars since I've never had a car license in all my life and I'm not really young.

At the end of the day it's time to go home, obviously on the bus as his car is gone, no complaints about it from me, indeed I use public transport all my life! I will not be very independent about travel but for sure I give a small hand to the decrease in pollution!
Speaking of nature...

Before come back home, I come across a sculpture that attracts my curiosity, I love wood and the sculptures made with it! The sculpture I'm talking about is that of the cover picture of the post, a piece of art available to everybody at few meters from the Aosta train station. Some shots with my smartphone!

The day was definitely not a must, since for the choice of the car we then opted for something else instead the myriad of proposals that we have done with the car's dealers. After seeing a lot of metal pieces it was finally time to take some shots of the beautiful wood that I think can easily win the contest with his material partner without too much effort! Not that the metal does not have its charm but I admit for many reasons I'm biased, although I like a lot some cars!

The author of the work is Peter Trojer, born in 1980 he attended the professional Institute becoming a carpenter and going to learn the job in a shop, at the age of 30 he opened one of his own that manages alone. Between a piece of furniture and the other almost casually begins, as a hobby, to make sculptures and his passion for it increases a lot over time. Self-taught, after a short time he began to make his first exhibitions at the fairs getting a good success. During the week he works as a carpenter, he dedicate his free time to the art of sculpture. Chapeau!

IMG_20180311_155038.jpg IMG_20180311_155158.jpg IMG_20180311_155300.jpg

All shots are mine! Thanks for watching and reading, a big hug and see you soon!


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