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By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 2 Sep 2019


While ago I had the pleasure to visit Milan, as easily understandable by the cover picture with the Duomo and the end of title with an ironic humor that on the post you will understand why I wrote this. One of the world's fashion capitals, to visit a dear friend who has lived there for years and going together to see the Italian Cup's final match disputed in Rome a few days ago , although opposing fans, we had a lot of fun but at the end of the game I enjoy myself more than him...eheheh

City that I visit a few times per year and from which after a couple of days I can't wait to escape from it. Nothing against this city in particular, I find all the cities really chaotic, everybody living too fast, I feel a high level of stress in the air. Being used to the tranquility of the mountains I can not resist too much in this context, not to mention the constant inhalation of cars gas that bother me and the sultry hot that does not allow me to sleep at night...I have to admit that I complain a lot...

I don't understand anything about fashion, in effect I do not understand it. Like all the things that I can not conceive, I prefer therefore not to deep in. While my good fellow was busy taking photographs for work reasons as he works for the multimedia news agency LaPresse, I took the opportunity to make some shot in the city and try my new camera that I bought recently, a Sony DSC-HX 90B with an incredible Zoom of 30x!!!

I went to the Sforzesco Castle, in front of which I had the opportunity to listen to two street artists who are in front of it a few meters away from each other and I decided to make videos by trying out the crazy Zoom of my camera. Video in which they propose two great classics of Rock music: Metallica's Nothing else matters and Guns n' Roses Sweet child o 'mine. After having been able to admire the beauty of the castle with these songs as a soundtrack, I salute them and gave them a necessary monetary contribution for their participation on this post.

Nothing else matters - video (Metallica cover)


Sweet child o' mine - video (Guns'n'Roses cover)


Moving a little further I could take a picture of a very nice thirsty pigeon who was intent to take advantage of the water in a fountain. With that hot as not to share his need for hydration.


Move easily into the metropolis with public transport is a really big comfort, the distances in the cities are strange, a building may seem a little far away could actually be a few miles away as the streets twisted and in the case of Milan built like a ring, they are very confusing. So here I am in front of a work of art, a beautiful Murales at the entrance of the station of the Repubblica subway. These, together with the graffiti that in my humble opinion are real artworks if placed in the right places, I find them fundamental to give happiness to walls that would have nothing to say with their "natural" color.
Below are the five shots that I had to do to shot the entire mural.

IMG_20180510_101341.jpgPhenomenal representation of the Colosseum with a gladiator helmet IMG_20180510_101355.jpgDrawings here are less understandable, a bizarre smiling face next to another helmet IMG_20180510_101405.jpgMusical notes with particular faces from which appears what looks like a cello IMG_20180510_101412.jpgDrawing with a thousand colors that remind me of Rubik's cube IMG_20180510_101424.jpgGraffiti with the artist's website and the subway stop sign

Tram is another comfortable transport, there are different types from the most recent to those now become historical that I prefer compared to the new ones as they give that touch of retro style to the city and in which I saw a very special thing:

IMG_20180510_144140.jpgTwo signs on the bottom of the moving tram 4.jpgIn Italian language this sign mean: "Spit is Forbidden"

Probably long ago it was considered normal to spit everywhere and here to avoid finding the saliva everywhere they were forced to put that in addition to don't smoke you should also avoid spitting. The use of the "spit box" in the last century was famous and considered a normal thing, also because it was common to use chewing and snuff tobacco, fortunately this is one of the many bad habits that over time has been lost. Now instead we are usual to cigarette butts everywhere, I hope that over the years this will be lost too, a good step forward in this regard has already been done thanks to the ban on smoking in public places.

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