Galceti Park (Prato - Italy)

Galceti Park (Prato - Italy)

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 13 Jul 2019



During my trip in Prato, I visited his Natural Park and It was a great surprise, first thing is that we entered for free, very strange, indeed, to be honest there was a price list at the entrance but was empty, maybe because it was 16:00 pm on Saturday afternoon!?

Inside the Park we meet someone from the staff... so It will remain a mystery!

Nice place, not very cared about trails but still really nice, a lot of animals lives there, I Can say a big park that allowed many of them to run there almost free, like the peacock of the cover picture, that I'm really proud od this shot, finally and casually, as well as the peacock GIF with its 360° open tail!
I said casually because when I came back from tooking the water supplies in a bar beat to the Park, I found him in front of me and I immediately took a shot!

Other animals that I found was a boar/dog, while I was worried about telling my fiance' not to put her fingers in the fence holes, here she comes a girl from the staff who says that we can caress him and she starts to do it with this little boar of a few months that licks her hands and rub on her, a scene completely unexpected! Sorry guys, no photos of this boar unfortunately.

You can find in the following pictures the black swans coming from New Zealand in normal mode and night mode, it must be comfortable to sleep on one leg with the beak stuck inside the plumage.
In the park there was a house entirely dedicated to snakes and lizards including a Varano and the "stick" insect, the one that looks like a piece of wood, one of which in fugitive version. You can also find turtles and a b&w mule inside his house.

A beautiful park that with its flora and fauna has guaranteed us a pleasant afternoon inside nature!


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All shots are mine! Thanks for watching and reading, a big hug and see you soon!


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