Clouds flying through the sky

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 14 Jul 2019


Few years ago in my village there was the honey festival, many stands, music in every corner and a good crowd of people. A hot wind, the “Föhn”, really strong during all the day, I was tempted to take a few shots, but I met some friends and lost to chat with them and I completely forgot to take the pictures. After a nice day spent seeing everything flying around the country, I'm going to make shopping at the supermarket and then go home to have dinner, arriving at the supermarket I stumbled on the sky and I was impressed, I immediately take my Sony dsc-rx 100 to capture this spectacular sky. What could I say anymore? If the Föhn manages to create such shows I hope that he will arrive everyday! I have to photoshopped a little to give more expression to the clouds and the color of the sky that they was already wonderful, I hope you like it!





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