Status Quo Hypocrite
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Status Quo Hypocrite

By michaeljbarry | Devotion to Life | 17 Jan 2020

How easily we critique the status quo while our own disingenuousness eludes us… or how often do we praise and repeat wise words that we don’t Truly understand.


Why was Jesus so fed up with the Pharisees?

You don't need to be a "believer" to study the timeless Masters.


How often do you comment on the problems of societal living or disseminate what you're convinced are the secrets to Life - do you not see that in that moment you have unabashedly handed your voice over to the very thing you feign contempt for or that you haven’t the courage to truly examine.


“Kids are so addicted to smartphones… Processed food is terrible for your health… people have become zombified… they are so ignorant/heartless…prices are exorbitant… society is unjust… etc etc etc” Says the ignorant, addicted, malnourished & poor victimized zombie, and in the same breath, “Love is all, peace is freedom… success is in your hands.”


Can you see this great con?


I don’t mean to suggest that these observations aren’t true or valuable… Everyone deep down recognizes the illusion in which they exist.  I am suggesting that by participating in such dramatic societal lamentations or idealisms it is really an act of disingenuous sanctimony. 


Let your life be a Living.


An example of virtue, of justice, of compassion, of wisdom, health & wealth.  Forget about what anyone else does, has done or will do for they have NOTHING to do with you.  If you want to TRULY help anyone, you must become the person that has invested everything into perfecting themselves. 


Don’t waste another minute talking about your ideals or critiques… find out why you are not already living them.

Questions create the path - answers remove one from it...


“…Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” Luke 12:1


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