WebDev Starter Pack - What is Web developer!? and its division: Front-end, Back-end and Fullstack

By Eroshi | devnewbies | 5 Jun 2020

Hello guys! Today I'm going to explain for beginners about Web development, and what is that?

You read in some article "I'm a web developer"!?

Ok, to simply talking, Web developer is just the guy who works with websites(in some way) or in touch of website.

Developers are the people who maintain some website active, publish0x has their web developers to stay online in the servers all the time and make their improves to correct bugs or add features(adding new coins to tip for example) here!

There is a lot of topics about web development that we can talk about, today I will talk about its division:

  • Front end developer
  • Back end developer
  • Fullstack developer

Front-End Developer

As every programmer who's already working in the area knows, front-end is the client-side of a website, everything you see in the Publish0x was constructed with a markup language called as HTML, but not the tags alone, they have something more, the style of publishox, all the structure of the website of publishox: its font colors, font sizes, background colors and all the icons in publish0x was designed by someone, normally there is an UX/UI Designer that will give to  Front-end developer the template/layout well-defined and then the developers will work based by the layout!

All the structure and the layout of this website was done with CSS.

To be a front-end developer you need:

  • Know well HTML
  • Know well CSS(and access MDN Mozilla documentation)
  • Good knowledge in JavaScript(and search in the stack overflow)
  • Know about HTTP methods!

I haven't talked about the behavior of the Website... For example, you need something different... As we can think about the tips in the Publish0x can be made in JavaScript! So JavaScript is the man which can achieves the behavior of the browser when for example: in a form that you need to fill with your data and validate its data in the form, JavaScript does that and can alert you in the browser that the data is wrong for example!

JavaScript is the main guy to the frontends, because its conception and popularity to create scripts has been around since the beginning of World Wide Web and has been improving a lot by its real name: ECMAScript!


Main "topics" to start to study in front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ECMAScript, requests HTTP! 

Back-end Developer

To create a website, there is a lot of documents as you could read before in the front-end development:

HTML, CSS, JS and where the hell this came from?  from a web server.

Back end developers knows the business rules about website, for example: When you register your account in the publish0x your data account was sent to a back-end server for example, and there we will have the database, then this will store your data and persists when you login again with your username and password the logic will go to watch you password(hashed of course) to see if it's you... All this paths is done by the back-end developer, the man who persists your account to always access with your login! Of course do more than it but it's the most common work that back-end do!

go to web server

Back-end developers must:

  • a back-end language
  • know about HTTP method
  • a bit about relational databases(mysql) or non relational(mongo)
  • know about APIs

I haven't talked about the HTTP methods before, a web server is just an HTTP server...

In the web server you can send from it protocol some documents: and that's how HTML, CSS and Javascript is sent from server to your web browser normally, by responses of HTTP protocol network! (and there is a lot of Network to hide about)


GET - Just read and send documents to web browser - HTML, CSS, Javascript

POST- Send data from a website by Javascript and send to a server (front-enders love it)

And there is a lot of another methods here.


Main back-end languages to create web server: Java, Python, Go, NodeJS(javascript!!), Ruby and so much more!


Full stack Developer

The man who suffers in both sides: Front-end and Back-end, know a bit of them and reunite all the knowledge to be a Full Web Developer which know how to create websites and webservers to serve websites!


And that's it guys, I tried to explain about all the sides in a minified way, sorry if I forget something and thanks to reading and tip if you enjoy it, and has been a successful web developer or is just beginning!


Thank you! ;)

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