The list of the main programming languages/libraries to develop smart contracts

The list of the main programming languages/libraries to develop smart contracts

By andrercules | devnewbies | 22 Jun 2020

Hi guys!

Today i'm gonna list about some of the main languages to create smart contracts in blockchain!

What is Smart Contracts?

First things first, Smart contract is a way to develop a way to do contracts in a decentralized way, for example: a buy online needs a trustworthy system between 2 person(eBay), so we can use smart contract to be the intermediate in this situation, we don't need eBay anymore or even a bank!  

So there is a lot of examples about smart contracts and you can develop smart contracts in some blockchains but it'll deppend about its whitepaper if it has smart contracts inside the blockchain and since 2017 thankfully to Ethereum more and more Dapps and smart contracts is coming! You can read more about them in this cool article about smart contracts and its origin.

List of blockchain and its smart contracts language.

Let's start to talk about blockchains that has the support in Blockchain.

As I said, it'll depends if is possible inside the blockchain will implements this technology, you'll need to read its whitepaper for example, so let me list to you some of the main blockchain that accepts this techonology and its technology behind.



- Main language/framework used: Solidity

- Ethereum was the first blockchain that created the smart contract running inside on blockchain, this was a revolution in 2017, and to create your smart contract on its blockchain, you'll need to learn Solidity, the main language of ethereum to develop awesome things as contracts! Solidity is a high-level programmin language that was created with a approach in Javascript/Typescript, easy to learn and fast to understand if you already worked with JS/NodeJS/Typescript-like languages, you can use Truffle to help you in development.

- Solidity Documentation:



- Main language used: Ligo, SmartPY

- Tezos it has been one of the most popular PoS(proof of stake) blockchain that has a good strong community and it's been improving itself even more, in 2019 they created Ligo, a functional programming and really clean programming that runs in the tezos blockchain! It offers three different syntaxes:  PascaLIGO(for Pascal-like users), CamelLIGO(for oCaml users) or  ReasonLIGO(this aims to be like a Javascript).

If you like Python, Tezos has its own version of library called: SmartPy that from behind uses Ocaml library that called SmartML!

- Tezos Documentation:

- SmartPY Documentation:



- Main language/framework: EOSIOS

-EOS has a different approach, eosios is a library/framework created upon C++, so they wanted a library that was really fast to its blockchain, and you'll need a bit of knowledge about C/C++ to learn its library.

- EOSIOS documentation:



- Main language/framework: Solidity/Tronbox

- Tron is another blockchain that uses solidity as your language, like Ethereum, but in Tron you can use the Tronbox an library from NodeJS that'll help you to create/build and compilation in the Tron blockchain.

- Tronbox documentation:

So that's it, there is more about smart contract languages/libraries in this world, but I just showed up some of the main blockchains nowadays, and you can choose your favorite language (or easier to create) and play with them, using the testnet of course :)!


Thank you and tip if you enjoyed! 👌




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